Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

I have been meaning to send this for weeks now..hope everyone is ready for Christmas!

I have a few fun updates:
Our family went on our 1st cruise (to Mexico) in November, with another family who was able to get us an incredible deal. It was our 1st Big vacation (really ever) but definitely since Zack was injured. The boat was fun for all ages. I'll send more pictures of that when I can.

Zack turned 18 (in August) Senior @ YLHS.

He got "the call" from Canine Companions the service dog facility in Oceanside, Zack's been on there wait list since January. Zack and I will go live there in Feb for 12 days of training and return home with a K-9 companion!

We are still in the waiting part of the college plans should know more at the end of Jan/Feb?
We have cut down to once a week driving to Carlsbad for physical therapy, after 2&1/2 years (starting @ 4 days a week down to 3, down to 2) the drive and $ has forced us to find a local place. I have known about a place called Goodwill fitness Center and we finally visited and I think its going to be a good fit! (more on that later too).

Levi turned 16 a sophomore in HS and will be taking his drivers license test 1st part of January, He worked with Adron over the summer and he's saving for a car. Still is my "right hand man"

Kaden (the boy with the biggest heart) is in 4th grade, 9 years old and Loves Legos! He loves to learn new stuff and tell me all about it.

Laila is our "girly princess" 2nd grade, 8 yrs. old she Loves to do anything Christmassy and has helped me shop,wrap, bake and decorate. She's always up for doing something..Adron and her love to go get frozen yogurt and rent movies.

Adron and I had our 20 year anniversary in August, hard to believe that many years has past!

Looking fw to the New Year and all the changes it will bring with it, Enjoy your Holiday with family and friends.

May the Lord send his Blessings to you this year and may we all learn to truly seek him.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013!

Love, The Collie family

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back to the Beach

Last Sunday night our family went "back to the beach" I've been there with the other kids but this was Zack's 1st time back since his injury. He was fine, he's so mentally strong. Some stuff sometimes is actually harder on "mom" we enjoyed a great family nite with friends..and stayed for a bonfire. It was therapeutic, for me anyway.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Season, New Goals!

Summers over and Fall is here (once again) time stops for no one.

We find ourselves over 2 years post injury, there are still those days I'm in unbelief that this is our life, that this injury did happen to my son and his life will never be what it was before.
You basically have 2 choices: crumble or stay focused on goals that will move you forward.
I'm NOT saying our family does not have our down days, we do and those are very hard, but you cannot stay there.

I have a few Prayer requests and updates...

#1 Please Pray Zack will get better sleep at night, this has really become a problem. His body is just not tired at the end of the day. He tries to sleep but is awakened throughout the night with "leg spasms" (spasms are when his legs uncontrollably shake, or jerk upwards towards his chest) then he is stuck in this position and has to call for help.
They have medication but its very strong and it will cause his legs to become (completely still, dead legs) and that is not good during the day when he needs the movement.

Its very frustrating for all of us and when you don't sleep good, it effects everything! We have tried so many things. Zack has reverse effects with sleeping pills it is making it even harder to figure out a good solution.

#2 COLLEGE! Zack has decided this year he is going to apply to a 4 year school AND try and LIVE ON CAMPUS he will be applying to CSUF we have already toured the campus, talked with the disabled student dept. and housing. They were really supportive and encouraging. Zack could potentially be the 1st quadriplegic to live on campus!
But with this Major decision comes LOTS of work and LOTS of paperwork!!!
The regular application process can be overwhelming, we are adding in many other things that will be needed.
(application, testing, housing, roommate, personal caregiver, help at school, financial aid, multiple scholarship programs, service dog etc...)
Plus just the idea of Zack moving out! Like any mom or dad would feel when there son or daughter goes off to college...I will be VERY Extra Busy from now until Jan..PLEASE Pray for each step of the way, I NEED IT!!

#3 Zack can enjoy his last year of high school! Because of the "sudden shift" in goals he had to add 3 classes to his schedule this year. The last 2 years we have been focused on his physical therapy (and will continue as best we can) we figured Zack would go to Jr. College and live at home for a couple years. Zack has already stepped up "his game" I'm proud of him, but I want him to have fun his last year of HS too, Pray he can find balance with everything.

Thank you for your support and prayers..I will keep you updated as we continue to move in this new direction!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Not as easy as Zack makes it look

Please pray for Zack it's been a very Hard weekend. Even though Zack is the strongest person I know, he's still a paralyzed 18 year old boy.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Zack's tattoo,Yes my boy has a Tat!

What do you do when you turn 18 and your Zack Collie, you get a tattoo of course!

So here it has multiple meanings as you can see the obvious one, there is also a song by the Newboys called "In the Hands of God" and Zack loved that song before injury, so has even more meaning now.
I'm sure I'll get mixed opinions, for the record yes I like it and its definitely Zack!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Update

1st and foremost Zack turned 18 yrs. old on Monday! I officially have a adult child, Zack has proven to be able to handle adult-type problems... I'm very Proud of him.

We recently paved most of our backyard to make it wheelchair friendly, we also put in a firepit so Zack can now wheel around and enjoy hanging out with friends and family in his own back yard.

Zack is still on the wait list for a Service more on that when we hear back.

He will start his Senior year of High School in Sept. and will continue his physical therapy (2) days a week and school on the other (3) its like putting together a puzzle when it comes to our "fall schedule" (Zack's crazy schedule plus his 3 siblings)

Also for anyone who didn't know and is on FB there is a Pray for Zack Collie!!! page I keep that updated as I can, usually most of the same info... but another way to stay updated and connected.

That's all for now..Enjoy the rest of your Summer try and stay Cool and Be Safe!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cook's Corner fundraiser Pics

Here we are in August already! I never posted the pics from the Chili Cook off at Cook's Corner.
As you would expect lots of delicious chili, beer and motorcycles, Fun Day!

I will post a summer update soon!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cook's Corner Chili Cook-Off Helps Zack Collie

If you are not busy THIS Sat come out to Cook's Corner they are having their 6th annual Chili Cook Off! The chili cup samples sold the profit will go to Zack!
Saturday June 23rd 10-4pm
19152 Santiago Canyon Rd.
Trabuco Canyon
Our family (including Zack) will be there serving chili! Come and say Hello!

Monday, May 28, 2012


My son Zack has been injured 2 years today. He has shown Amazing strength in the mist of a huge life-altering tradegy, I'm very proud of him...
How could I ever forget May 31st (in 2010 it was Memorial Day) I'm at a BBQ, swim party like so many others. I notice I have a vm message, I almost ignor it. "Amber there's been a accident at the beach Zack is in the hospital you need to get to Hoag hospital right away." We drop off the 3 younger children and head (oddly calm) down to Hoag. At this point I get ahold of the boy Zack went to the beach with he says, "Amber Zack can't move."
We get to Hoag. I'm quickly ushered into a room and see my boy laying on a bed, his body un-usually still with a neck brace on, I notice there is beach sand everywhere (it will be 21-days before he gets to shower). I'm so happy to see Zack alive. He's trying to make his friend laugh.
They ask to speak to us privatly, we walk outside and around the corner where there are a couple chairs. The doctor says "Mr. & Mrs. Collie will you please sit down." I don't want to sit down, I sit at the edge of my seat. The doctor continues, "Zack has sustained a very serious injury. He has crushed his 4th vertabra in his neck, we will confirm any spinal cord damage with the MRI results." Okay, I'm thinking, what exactly does that mean? I look at Adron and he doesn't look good. The nurses and I both realize he's not well, they attend to him and give him oxygen. Once I know he's okay I look at the doctor square in the eye and say, "tell me everything and please do not sugar coat it." He didn't.

Optimism :: The belief that life will be, in the long run, more good than bad, that even when bad things happen, the good will eventually outbalance them. It's also the belief that nearly every difficulty conceals some potential benefit if only we have the skill to find it.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Once again Memorial weekend is here. What's with this gloomy weather! That doesn't help my ever changing mood. (I need sunshine). This weekend is tough for us. Zack wants to go to the beach, but told me if we go "I can't cry" -- I don't think I'm that strong! I've tried all morning to stay positive, counting my many blessings, opportunities, new adventures, new friends and asking God once again for strength to keep moving fw... Zack was leaving for school, I asked him if I could take his picture for his 2-year anniversary. He said "mom really!?" but he humored me and let me take the photo.. what a awesome Smile! That will keep me Going!!

P.S. Yes Zack bleached his hair!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Life's Constant Ups an Downs

I haven't written in awhile partly because I haven't known what to write about. As always its constantly busy here at the Collie house regular things like Birthday parties, sick kids, homework, housecleaning, Dr. appts, therapies etc... what's different in the last few weeks is the looming date coming up (May 31st) will be Zack's 2 year mark of his injury. I cant help but feel the sadness that comes with this date. I know there are some injured people who celebrate there injury date as their "new life" but I have not been able to see it that way (for now at least) I do get that they are survivors.

Do you remember being 17? Life was hard just being a teenager let alone add in a insane injury like this one! Zack's had to deal with Adult size problems and has lost out on most of the normal teenage activities. I see friends come and go and watch people respond in all different ways to him being in a wheelchair.
I think about how Zack cannot get out of bed, change positions at night, make himself some food, dress himself, use the bathroom privately, shower himself, stand up, walk or run... I don't list these things to feel sorry for him, I list them because its amazing to me how he lives each day, unable to do these simple things for himself that you and I completely take for granted.

Hard to believe summer is around the corner (again) feels like my kids just started school! Zack will be a senior next year, God willing college after that..I can't think too far ahead about Zack's future and what it holds for any of my children, I will continue to make plans but I have learned to be flexible, enjoy the little things in life (like coffee and sunshine) spend time with family and friends, help others, make alone time even if its 5-10 minutes, Be thankful and enjoy the one CraZy Life I have been given and make it a good one.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Zack's 2nd visit back to Casa Colina

Zack went back to Casa Colina to visit a new patient (17 yr.old boy who broke his neck in Feb after diving into a pool). It's always sad to go there b/c it means someone else is paralyzed. Our hope is the visits will be somewhat encouraging. Although I know the truth and that is, that it's hard to see another person in a wheelchair, but it does show that "life goes on."

Stephanie is the girl in the photos with Zack she was injured after Zack (in a car accident, I remember hearing about her when she was at Casa). Stephanie and Zack have become good friends.

They were able to visit with there therapists and saw a few nurses that they had while they were both patients there. It also reminds us how far we have come since they were 1st injured...and yes "Life does go on."

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday!


Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Patty's Day fundraiser pics

The weather on St. Patty's Day was not what we had hoped for, but we ended up with a good crowd anyway.

Thank you to all who came out to support Zack in spite of the (pouring at times) rain, it meant a lot to us. It was a fun day and we learned a lot, this was our 1st fundraiser we planned (the others have been put on by friends)
Fundraising is part of this injury because of Zack's on going physical therapy that is not covered by insurance.
We did Great considering the weather..Thank you!!!

A Special Thanks to: Jen Holloway, Heidi, Cassie, Karin, Jamie, Steve Demko (T-shirts) Dan (On time signs, flyer)
Table helpers that day: Cherie, Hannah, Michelle, Cathy (mom) Maria, Angela, Kara, Chrissy
Raffle helpers: Tracy, Katie, Maggie, Josie. Guys: Levi, Rodney, Randy, Jeff & Tony

Lime Truck..Great Food!
and of course the guys at Old Orange Brewing Co.

As you can see it takes many people to make these fundraisers possible we greatly appreciate your service & support to Zack's cause.

Enjoy the photos!!

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