Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

I have been meaning to send this for weeks now..hope everyone is ready for Christmas!

I have a few fun updates:
Our family went on our 1st cruise (to Mexico) in November, with another family who was able to get us an incredible deal. It was our 1st Big vacation (really ever) but definitely since Zack was injured. The boat was fun for all ages. I'll send more pictures of that when I can.

Zack turned 18 (in August) Senior @ YLHS.

He got "the call" from Canine Companions the service dog facility in Oceanside, Zack's been on there wait list since January. Zack and I will go live there in Feb for 12 days of training and return home with a K-9 companion!

We are still in the waiting part of the college plans should know more at the end of Jan/Feb?
We have cut down to once a week driving to Carlsbad for physical therapy, after 2&1/2 years (starting @ 4 days a week down to 3, down to 2) the drive and $ has forced us to find a local place. I have known about a place called Goodwill fitness Center and we finally visited and I think its going to be a good fit! (more on that later too).

Levi turned 16 a sophomore in HS and will be taking his drivers license test 1st part of January, He worked with Adron over the summer and he's saving for a car. Still is my "right hand man"

Kaden (the boy with the biggest heart) is in 4th grade, 9 years old and Loves Legos! He loves to learn new stuff and tell me all about it.

Laila is our "girly princess" 2nd grade, 8 yrs. old she Loves to do anything Christmassy and has helped me shop,wrap, bake and decorate. She's always up for doing something..Adron and her love to go get frozen yogurt and rent movies.

Adron and I had our 20 year anniversary in August, hard to believe that many years has past!

Looking fw to the New Year and all the changes it will bring with it, Enjoy your Holiday with family and friends.

May the Lord send his Blessings to you this year and may we all learn to truly seek him.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013!

Love, The Collie family

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  1. Very nice update! You and your family continue to be in my prayers. Very exciting about the therapy dog.I'm sure it will be a great addition to your lovely family:)Thanks for the updates and God bless all of you:) Sincerely, Peggy Pentecost( Joanna Perez' sis)


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