Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Update

1st and foremost Zack turned 18 yrs. old on Monday! I officially have a adult child, Zack has proven to be able to handle adult-type problems... I'm very Proud of him.

We recently paved most of our backyard to make it wheelchair friendly, we also put in a firepit so Zack can now wheel around and enjoy hanging out with friends and family in his own back yard.

Zack is still on the wait list for a Service more on that when we hear back.

He will start his Senior year of High School in Sept. and will continue his physical therapy (2) days a week and school on the other (3) its like putting together a puzzle when it comes to our "fall schedule" (Zack's crazy schedule plus his 3 siblings)

Also for anyone who didn't know and is on FB there is a Pray for Zack Collie!!! page I keep that updated as I can, usually most of the same info... but another way to stay updated and connected.

That's all for now..Enjoy the rest of your Summer try and stay Cool and Be Safe!


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