Monday, April 16, 2012

Zack's 2nd visit back to Casa Colina

Zack went back to Casa Colina to visit a new patient (17 yr.old boy who broke his neck in Feb after diving into a pool). It's always sad to go there b/c it means someone else is paralyzed. Our hope is the visits will be somewhat encouraging. Although I know the truth and that is, that it's hard to see another person in a wheelchair, but it does show that "life goes on."

Stephanie is the girl in the photos with Zack she was injured after Zack (in a car accident, I remember hearing about her when she was at Casa). Stephanie and Zack have become good friends.

They were able to visit with there therapists and saw a few nurses that they had while they were both patients there. It also reminds us how far we have come since they were 1st injured...and yes "Life does go on."

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday!


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