Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to School

After being gone (2) summers and missing his whole Sophomore year Zack is "Back to School" as a Jr. this year.
He goes (3) days a week to YLHS and we continue to drive to Carlsbad for physical therapy (2) days. We still have a teacher come to the home to help him with school work. Zack's favorite part of school is 6th period wrestling where he helps keep score and gets to hangout with friends. He also talked his brother Levi into joining the team.
He says its definitely different being back in high school after injury, but he's adjusting.
A bus comes and picks him up he did not like that idea! but its a nice break for me (and my back) so he agreed to it.
As you look through the attached photos check out Zack's art work!! Remember this is traced by a boy who has VERY LITTLE movement in his fingers and just held a pencil again for the 1st time since a try in the hospital a year ago! Zack's never been into art much, but was selected as a elective he could try and I must say he sure impressed me!!
Thank you to those who have been praying specifically for finger movement. Zack would love to have more of that along with wrists and triceps...and more (of course)
Please keep praying!

P.S. Zack traced the drawings shown in the photos, but still amazing to me!

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