Monday, May 28, 2012


My son Zack has been injured 2 years today. He has shown Amazing strength in the mist of a huge life-altering tradegy, I'm very proud of him...
How could I ever forget May 31st (in 2010 it was Memorial Day) I'm at a BBQ, swim party like so many others. I notice I have a vm message, I almost ignor it. "Amber there's been a accident at the beach Zack is in the hospital you need to get to Hoag hospital right away." We drop off the 3 younger children and head (oddly calm) down to Hoag. At this point I get ahold of the boy Zack went to the beach with he says, "Amber Zack can't move."
We get to Hoag. I'm quickly ushered into a room and see my boy laying on a bed, his body un-usually still with a neck brace on, I notice there is beach sand everywhere (it will be 21-days before he gets to shower). I'm so happy to see Zack alive. He's trying to make his friend laugh.
They ask to speak to us privatly, we walk outside and around the corner where there are a couple chairs. The doctor says "Mr. & Mrs. Collie will you please sit down." I don't want to sit down, I sit at the edge of my seat. The doctor continues, "Zack has sustained a very serious injury. He has crushed his 4th vertabra in his neck, we will confirm any spinal cord damage with the MRI results." Okay, I'm thinking, what exactly does that mean? I look at Adron and he doesn't look good. The nurses and I both realize he's not well, they attend to him and give him oxygen. Once I know he's okay I look at the doctor square in the eye and say, "tell me everything and please do not sugar coat it." He didn't.

Optimism :: The belief that life will be, in the long run, more good than bad, that even when bad things happen, the good will eventually outbalance them. It's also the belief that nearly every difficulty conceals some potential benefit if only we have the skill to find it.


  1. You guys are an impressive team, with your amazing spirit and determination. Your definition of optimism struck a real note. I know you have the belief, and feel certain you'll find rich benefits. Hope to see you both again some day. Take care. Paul

  2. I love that quote at the end defining optimism. I am definately going to keep it and pass it on. From the smallest to the heaviest of things, optimism will make ones life much better. Thank you for sharing with me-Cameron Chang


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