Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zack Goes to Knotts

We ended our summer with a trip to Knotts Berry Farm. Zack went once earlier in the year but was not able to go on any rides, so this time he was ready!

The 1st ride he wanted to go on was some Crazy upside down, legs dangling roller coaster that I looked at and said "No way" but he insisted. Since I did get the "thumbs up" from his Dr. (that he can go on rides) I gave in, but it still feels scary to me. As we approached the area a guy working there asked us a few ?'s obviously concerned about Zack going on the ride. Zack says "I'm fine." The guy clearly was not completely comfortable with that answer but hesitantly let us through and thanks to Zack's friend (Jason) before the guy could change his mind we were already putting him on the ride! There he went on a roller coaster that I wouldn't go on and I'm a healthy "able-bodied" person! He was all smiles when he arrived back on the platform again and I think he would have tried to go again BUT he said part way through his leg kicked out and was extended for the 1st half of the ride he said he was afraid that the other leg was going to do the same thing, in that case he could of slid down in his seat! NOT TO WORRY he was seat belted in and I made sure there was a support bar in between his legs. I think this actually added to the fun for Zack!

The other crazy ride was the one in the photos below there strapped in to a "swing" and then they go who knows how high up and swing around and around. I'm sure they could see our house from up there it was so high! Zack said it was cold and windy by the time they got to the top! So, if you're afraid of heights don't go on that one!

It was a fun evening and I hope to go again. I just wish Zack was ok with just watching when it comes to some of these rides! Ya right!!!


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