Thursday, September 30, 2010


Blog: Sept. 30th
WOW! That's all I've been able to say since last nights Taco Fundraiser. For those of you who came, you know what I'm talking about!
The fundraiser was, to say the least, an amazing success. I am completely overwhelmed by your generosity and support. I know there were people who waited over 2 hours for a plate of tacos. The raffle baskets were beautiful and packed full of wonderful prizes. My family and I are still in awe of the whole night. Taqueria DeAnda, (which, by the way, the owner of the company was serving tacos himself) YLHS, Mike and Monica, the Lindseys and ALL of the workers who helped out - what else can I say but THANK YOU! It WAY exceeded any expectations I may have had. I am planning on putting up pictures of the event and a more detailed thank you list but just know I went to bed thinking about the event and woke up thinking about it. To see all those people... family, friends and strangers it was so surreal to me. I wish I could have said "hi" to everyone. Just know how sincerely grateful my family and I are. Zack pushed through even though he's not been feeling well and told me when we got home that he had a lot more fun than he thought he would.  You guys raised over $17,000... a 1/2 years worth of physical therapy for Zack! And to ALL the people who wrote Zack's name on a raffle ticket for the UFC another THANKS. He's SO excited about going to that. I'll be posting again asap!
This was not the only AMAZING fundraiser. Saturday's fundraiser at United Methodist church, put on by Annie Cruise and friends, of a Rummage Sale was also a HUGE success! We went by and stayed an hour or two and I was again completely overwhelmed by the community's generosity of their time and money. The place was packed full of items. This event was 3x's what I expected. I wish I was better with words. I have to admit it's hard being on the receiving end of this situation but it has opened my eyes even more to seeing the beauty and kindness that is in people. I look forward to the day when it will be my turn to give back. Thank you to everyone who set up the night before, sorted, priced items, and worked the next day (in the heat!). Again, I will be posting pictures of this event as well and a more detailed Thank You list.
Also, many don't know this, but a Junior girl scout troop has "adopted" Zack and had a garage sale for him that Saturday as well. The girls worked SO hard (remember that was the day it was 100 degrees!) selling lemonade and more... pictures and details to come.
I hope you realize it's really you and God who are literally carrying us through each day. May the Lord bless each one of you who has given on our behalf and may He bless you back.
With love, amber and family.
P.S. this was suppose to be my "quick" thank you version! (smile)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Priceless Photos

I came across these photos recently, they were on the blog way in the beginning as "before" pictures. I wanted to re-show everyone how wonderful and healthy Zack was. I loved that Zack was SO strong and becoming a man at 5'10 and 168lbs. He was your typical BIG Brother who loved to tease and semi-torture the younger ones, but they instigated and loved to play back. Zack is all about fun, loud music and activities.

When looking at these pictures it makes me sad but hopeful that God can restore Zack. It may be different than what it was but I am believing that there is a bigger story behind his injury and I can choose to look for the positives along the way. I never would wish this upon anyone and my heart is broken every time my boy is sad. But I also get to see the "best" side of people during this time. Once again I thank you for your prayers and unbelievable support to Zack and my whole family.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TOMORROW!!!! Taco Dinner Fundraiser, 9/29 from 5-8p

It's here! The Taco dinner fundraiser for Zack at YLHS -- Wed., Sept. 29th 5-8pm
We have added Fruit Smoothies and Frappaccinos !
Hope to see you there...Amber and family

Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayer Request for the Day

I am feeling much better but I have seem to have passed my cold to Zack even after trying hard not to but with me being his main caretaker it was tough...PLEASE PRAY that this cold passes over Zack. He's had a real bad sore throat and mine started that way and went into my ears, nose and chest. The reason I'm more concerned than just the cold is the fact Zack cannot cough up mucus and such like we can. In the hospital we had a machine that would assist with that.

Also I have to admit the severity of this injury hits all of us at random times, even though most of the time we are focused and positive please don't stop praying for us. The mental part of this injury is 1/2 the fight if not more. We enjoy hearing from you.

My family is planning on being there Wednesday Sept. 29th for TACOS! Hope to see you there.


Another Huge Thank You to the Ruppe Family

Another overdue Huge "Thank you" is to the Ruppe Family (Danny & Stephanie) we have installed a special chair into our truck that actually comes out of the car and lowers down, then we transfer Zack from his wheelchair to the chair and Zack can ride in the front seat. Its called a "Bruno" Chair.

Those that are wondering about the van we did everything to try and make that work but when Zack was sitting in his wheelchair in the van his head hit the roof, it would have been extremely costly to put both a ramp and a bubble top roof to make the van usable. We were Very grateful to the Wilsons who were so kind to donate the van and have kept in touch with them. I'm sorry it didn't workout.

The Bruno chair is working out fine and we are getting down his transfers much easier these days. Some of his friends are pro's at getting him in the truck now! I'm truly impressed.

To Danny and Stephanie this was a very generous donation to my family and we are all overwhelmed by your kindness not just with your $ but your time as well. Stephanie has also been a Big part in helping us re-do Zack's room (more about his room and pictures to come).

With gratitude, Amber

A few Long over Due Thank You's!

First the bathroom that has been re-modeled for Zack is AMAZING! Its beautiful the pictures don't do it justice but I tried to capture the detail that was put into this bathroom. Many people helped out to make this possible. Our goal was to make a walk in shower to bath Zack while sitting in his commode chair. The "roll in" shower with slanted flooring is just perfect and makes showering Zack so much easier!

Special Thanks goes to..
Architect: Ade Collie (the only one we could afford, haha)
Fundraising: Jacquie Tidball
Financial support: Steve, Rudy and Mike from Buffalo Hunters (you guys really helped make it possible)
Demo: Johnny Bates, Tony and Mark @ Turnkey remodel
Supervisor: Kory Radford @ Radford Contracting (detailed as Ade, which was great!)
Concrete removal: Kevin Askier @ AAA Construction
Trash removal/misc: Rodney Jennings
Pouring Concrete: Oscor
Electrical: Jim Kenny, Steve Nezzell @ Anaheim Hills electric
Pluming: Steve @ South West Pluming
Drywall: Danny Ruppe @ Trueform Construction
Tile: Paul O'Connel
Cabinet and countertop: Vince Nardo, Leon & Sharon Brickett @ Reborn Cabinets
Misc. Help: Will Gilbert
Painting: Adron Collie with ACP painting Inc.

I LOVE this bathroom! Thanks to everyone who donated time, $, energy and support to this project.

I also want to re-Thank Jeff Brown @ UDC Corporation for the awesome ramp he made Zack its So cool and wide enough to get Zack through the slider door easily in his wheelchair. The handrail has come in very handy as well. Thanks Jeff!

Also to Sam Harel for the extended walkways around the house from front to back, I didn't think that was going to be necessary BUT Boy was I wrong! So Thank You Sam!

The modifications to our home have been bittersweet...I deeply appreciate the hard work from all that put in the effort to make a hard situation as easy as possible.

Love, amber

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