Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taco Fundraiser -- AN AMAZING TURNOUT!!! Part 7 of 7

Last but not least...A HUGE THANK YOU to YLHS for letting us host the event at their beautiful campus. Zack would be a sophomore this year, every time I go to the school I am reminded how lucky he is to be a part of this high school. Thank you to ASB and the wrestling team who promoted, advertised, made signs for the event. To the principle and vice principle Jennifer Graves who has personally been a big support to me. I cannot forget Jason Keeler You were a key person in pulling this whole event together.
Lastly to the Yorba Linda community! I look at those pictures and I think ALL those people came out to support "my boy" I feel blessed to live and be a part of a community like this one. You have given my son 6 months worth of physical therapy. What a gift. My deepest appreciation. Thank you to everyone.

Taco Fundraiser -- AN AMAZING TURNOUT!!! Part 6 of 7

"My wonderful friends"
Thanks for ALL you guys did! Jen for driving up from Carlsbad on a school nite!
Love you all, Amber

Taco Fundraiser -- AN AMAZING TURNOUT!!! Part 5 of 7

A special Thanks to the choir who sang at the event for Zack. I was able to catch the very end. I remember Zack was in vocal ensemble in Jr. high school (Bernardo-Yorba)

Taco Fundraiser -- AN AMAZING TURNOUT!!! Part 4 of 7

A heartfelt Thanks to ALL the people who had a part in this fundraiser:
Mike & Monica, Gary & Debbie, Women of the Vineyard church, Holly & Agape girls, Debbie G. and kids, Leslee, Ashlee, Brandon, Jennifer, Amber D., Lizbeth, Tracy, Cherie, Tammy, Teesee, Logan and girlfriend, Denise Radford, and Judy Alexander.

I sincerely apologize if I missed anyone. The fundraiser couldn't have happened without you.

Taco Fundraiser -- AN AMAZING TURNOUT!!! Part 3 of 7

To everyone who donated items to raffle off for Zack's cause Thank You! To the people who put together the baskets they were So Nice and beautifully wrapped Thank You! To the people who sold tickets Thank you! And to the people who bought raffle tickets and wrote Zack's name on them (UFC tix) Thank YOU! He is looking FW to that event. Love, Amber

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