Friday, September 30, 2011

Be Perfect SCI Fundraiser 2011

Here are some photos from a Huge spinal cord injury (SCI) event we went to Sat nite (over 1,000 people). Zack went upfront and "stood" he said he wished he'd done better but since the event was outside he was cold and stiff.

Zack wheeled up front with his brother Levi who held up a red shaped Stop sign that read "Have you ever dove into a wave? I did"
Then with help from 2 trainers he was lifted out of his wheelchair and "stood" at that time Levi flipped the sign that read
"And I never gave up or lost Hope." He got a huge applause, very powerful, moving and bittersweet to me as a lot of things with Zack are to me.
I was just proud of him that he even did it!

love, amber (proud mom)

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