Friday, October 15, 2010

Zack and Friends

One picture is Zack with Jacob Tomes who is friends with Zack's younger brother Levi. Jacob went to his church and asked around and brought in a bunch of different gift cards to help out our family..Thank you Jacob for your kindness.

Another picture is Zack with new friend Jamie McClain. He heard about Zack's accident through a River website post. He himself broke his back a few years ago and about 6 months ago broke his neck (with no spinal cord damage) Jamie has come over and hung out with Zack and taken him a few places. Jamie is the one who is helping put on the golf tournament coming up in November. (Details to come)

3rd pic is a bunch of friends hanging out after school...Thank you guys/girls for coming over and spending time with Zack he definitely misses his friends and being at school (for social purposes of course)

Girl Scout Support

This is Jr. Girl Scout Troop 294 they have "adopted" Zack after hearing about his accident in the OC Register. They are trying to help raise support for his physical therapy and other needs. You may have seen them in the Yorba Linda Star paper 2 weeks ago! They are working very hard with multiple ideas on how to help Zack. They came to the house to meet Zack and they are a great bunch of young ladies. We just wanted to say "Thank you" to them.
The Collie family

Monday, October 11, 2010

Save the Date - November 19th

I am posting this "Save the Date" for Friday, November 19th. There will be a golf tournament/dinner fundraiser for Zack at Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda. Helping Hearts for Friends Foundation and our friend Jamie Mclain are putting this event on for Zack. Please visit the Helping Hearts for Friends Foundation website and you can read more about it. Brochures are in process now. We are looking for sponsors and donated items for the silent auction.

This still is all very new to me and slightly awkward to ask for help. I know we just had a successful taco dinner fundraiser and are greatly appreciative! Zack's therapy costs us $4,500 a month (for physical therapy plus gas, tolls, and a meal since we're gone most of the day) and we want to get him as much therapy as we can, especially these first few years.

Thank you for your support!
with love,

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