Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Other Things in Zack's Schedule

Zack goes to Project Walk 3x's a week down in Carlsbad but he also has school at home (2) days a week. This is a picture of Zack and his school tutor Sheila she is an amazing teacher and seems to understand Zack's style of learning plus with his disabilities she finds creative ways to teach him. It's a great fit and I am SO grateful for her. She says he's so smart (but I already knew that) haha. We both agree Zack's brain was Not affected by his injury and anyone who knew him before can vouch for that! Trust me he's still "Zack!"

This is Mark Allen I blogged once before about Mark he heard about Zack's injury and offered his physical therapy services to Zack, Mark has his own therapy unit in Irvine but since we are Yorba Linda neighbors he would come to the house. Recently though we have been going to his office since he had a schedule change but it works out great driving home from Carlsbad we pass through Irvine. Mark is concentrating on Zack's hands (per Zack's requests) even though he's capable of doing more, but of course we all agree we'd love to see those hands move again!

The single pic is of Zack and Arthur Lupsha he is a Neuro-IFRAH instructor this is a different kind of physical therapy. We heard about Arthur through another spinal cord injury patient that got great results. His office is in Mission Viejo called OC Neuro Rehab.

That's not all Zack does he also see's Michael Akong for Acupuncture, I knew very little about acupuncture before, so I'm learning a lot. The needles are not as scary as they look. Michael has been working on every different part of Zack's body, I think its a good combination with the physical therapy.

Zack also goes in his Standing frame at home. I feel like we should be doing as much as we can but at the same time I HAVE to Balance it all with regular "Life" and (3) other (wonderful) children. So we are doing what we can and making changes as we need to, it seems like just when we get a new routine down something changes, but such is life. Don't worry Zack still gets to be a teenager he finds time for online video games and is always happy to hangout with friends!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Could use some extra prayer

Its continuing to be a more challenging of weeks for Adron (zack's dad) and I anyway. Zack is still "rock solid" and for this I am Truly Grateful. God's given Zack amazing inner strength!

I've hurt my back, nothing in particular just all the lifting I do. Its getting better but Adron is on crutches right now he hurt his knee pretty bad. Being the great dad he is he took our 6 year old daughter to the "Roller Rink" and last trip around the rink, they both fell (I think he forgot he's not 12 years old anymore!). He's going in for x-rays tomorrow but he cannot put any pressure on it. So that's more lifting for me and Levi (zack's brother)

Please say an extra prayer for us. This blog has really helped me process my feelings thank you for reading it. ~Amber

P.S. It would be also great if Zack could sleep through the night. His body still "spasms" a lot at night and I get up sometimes 3-4x's a night to help straighten out his body. It has gotten better sometimes its only 1-2x's But a good night's rest can do wonders and benefits everyone.

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