Friday, October 29, 2010

Zack on the Computer!

Yes! That is Zack on the computer. Zack has figured out how to use his thumb's weight (even though it doesn't work) to push down on the keys of his key board and iPhone. He can text like crazy and he goes on facebook like most teenagers (and adults) these days. When Zack puts his mind to something he does it, that's who he is. His positive attitude and prayers are moving him forward.

I do want to clarify this injury is NOT at all easy to deal with. For a once Very active teenage boy to have to be so dependant on help is extremely difficult, especially at his age when you are stretching your independence anyway. There are days when I wish he could call his friends and run out the front door like he use to or walk home from school and then complain to me that I made him walk "all the way" home.

We have to feed him, shower him, dress him, and more but what continues to surprise me is the strength I see in Zack and the mind set that he IS going to get better. What will that look like? No one knows right now. So we just take it a day at a time, stay hopeful, positive and pray for the best outcome. We live life in the meantime and look for all the blessings that are right along-side of this tragedy.

For now Zack is picking up where he left off with some things like playing one of his favorite online video games with NO hands, fingers or wrists! So the saying "where there's a will there's a way" It's TRUE!

Those of you who still read this blog "Thank you!" Even though sometimes I feel like I'm typing for myself or it's just going into cyberspace somewhere, I hope that reading this will encourage you in your daily lives to NEVER give up.

Thanks for listening.

P.S I've added my personal e-mail address on main page under contact info.

Love, Amber

Physical Therapy, Part 2

The last 2 weeks Zack's add a new trainer at therapy, she has been with Project Walk a long time and I was pleased that Zack had her that day. As they started working out with Zack she got so excited at some of the things he can do. She said "Zack they have been hiding you from me!" She was telling him how great it is that he has certain movements, some of them are specifically needed to walk. He is making progress. Both Zack and I were very encouraged with her enthusiasm and positive comments. Project Walk continues to be both physically and mentally great for Zack.

Physical Therapy, Part 1

Zack is continuing to do well at physical therapy. His siblings & family members like to come watch and be with him when they can. He really likes his team of trainers each brings something different to his therapy program. It makes the hour drive well worth it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Archery Benefit Fundraiser -- November 14

Hi Everyone - Here's the flyer for the Archery Fundraiser coming up on Sunday, November 14!

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Golf Tournament Fundraiser Flyer

Hi Everyone -- Here's the flyer for the upcoming Golf Tournament on Friday, November 19!

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