Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zack visits the "Happiest place on earth"

Yes, Zack went to Disneyland! Thanks to some kind friends who walked us in...Thank you Mickey (not the mouse) and Susan!

It was a fun day. Zack did NOT want "his mom" going to Disneyland with him but I insisted and at the end of the day I think he was glad being that I acted as "tour guide/human seatbelt" for him all day.
If your wondering if he went on rides?? YES he DID! and of course wanted to go on anything fast! I was a little apprehensive, considering the circumstances BUT with much careful thought we were able to go on Indiana Jones (definitely the most difficult) Thunder mountain (glad I was there to hold his legs that wanted to keep going to the side) Space mountain (the ride I thought would be the hardest, turned out to be one of the best) Soaring in California Adventure (Zack's fav maybe b/c I didn't have to hold onto him at all on this one) and last but not least Tower of Terror! which I must say I hated! But Zack loved.
That one was interesting they loaded everyone 1st then it was our turn to lift Zack onto the ride, I could hear a pin drop everyone was so quiet as I embarrassingly dictated where each teen should sit, so we could hold onto Zack.
It's interesting getting all the looks from strangers, I get the "oh how sad" look, the awkward stares (probably wondering what happened to him) the quick glances and then they look away real fast.
The odd thing is Zack looks like "a boy just sitting in a wheelchair" we even joke with him and say "Ok stop faking Zack, get up!"
Zack and I both noticed how many wheelchairs were at Disney, Zack was quick to point out how most of them didn't seem to "really need" the chairs! They'd get to the ride and stand up and get on and he'd be like SEE!! I had to remind him they are injured just not as bad.
At the end of the day Levi (Zack's lil bro) and Dylan (good friend visiting) went on California Scream I said "No" on this one but I haven't heard the end of it yet. Zack keeps saying we need to go back so he can go on that one! Well see...

Have a Safe 4th of July!

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