Friday, August 6, 2010

August 6


Zack's body has random spasms that have been occurring for weeks and have progressively gotten stronger and more frequent. Recently we have been noticing he can use the spasms to move his legs. For instance, when he has a spasm and concentrates hard, thinking about moving his leg, it moves!!!! He can't wiggle his toes, but can push/touch them together through the spasm.

I was lucky to get it on video!

Thank you for praying. Don't stop, it's working!


August 5 - More Friend Visits

Here are some more pics of friends visiting with Zack -- he LOVES it!!

August 4

We are still at Casa Colina hospital getting medical stuff ordered for the house. We're still working on the house construction and transportation. Also, just an FYI, Zack turns 16! on August 13. If anyone wants to send him a card, please send it to my home or to the PO Box listed on this blog.

Zack's ready to come home!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pool Therapy

Pool Therapy -- Here are some pics of Zack in pool therapy last week...he said the water felt great!


Please click here for the full article in today's OC Register. Very exciting! We have to keep getting the word out.

Also please note we've added links to the newsletter under "Financial Donations" and a the top of the page above the Blog Archive.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pics of Zack's Outing

Zack got to go to the movies with his occupational therapists and his new friend, Nick, he met at Casa Colina. Since then Nick has been discharged from hospital and is missed, he made the hospital fun for Zack.

August 1

There is a small blip of an article in the OC Register of yesterdays paper (7/31), local section, page 14 bottom right. There is going to be a story with photos of Zack in the Yorba Linda Star paper that will come out this Thursday. You can pick up free copies of it at the library and various other locations in the city.

On another note, a few people have emailed me and said the comments they've posted are not coming up on the blog. We are working hard to resolve the technical glitch and should have it fixed shortly. Please continue commenting, it's really encouraging!

Thanks for following Zack's progress, we love hearing from you.


July 31

There is a small blip of an article in the OC Register. Local section, page 14 bottom right, or click on the link below. Trying to get the word out -- please pass it along!

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