Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Patty's Day fundraiser pics

The weather on St. Patty's Day was not what we had hoped for, but we ended up with a good crowd anyway.

Thank you to all who came out to support Zack in spite of the (pouring at times) rain, it meant a lot to us. It was a fun day and we learned a lot, this was our 1st fundraiser we planned (the others have been put on by friends)
Fundraising is part of this injury because of Zack's on going physical therapy that is not covered by insurance.
We did Great considering the weather..Thank you!!!

A Special Thanks to: Jen Holloway, Heidi, Cassie, Karin, Jamie, Steve Demko (T-shirts) Dan (On time signs, flyer)
Table helpers that day: Cherie, Hannah, Michelle, Cathy (mom) Maria, Angela, Kara, Chrissy
Raffle helpers: Tracy, Katie, Maggie, Josie. Guys: Levi, Rodney, Randy, Jeff & Tony

Lime Truck..Great Food!
and of course the guys at Old Orange Brewing Co.

As you can see it takes many people to make these fundraisers possible we greatly appreciate your service & support to Zack's cause.

Enjoy the photos!!

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