Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Season, New Goals!

Summers over and Fall is here (once again) time stops for no one.

We find ourselves over 2 years post injury, there are still those days I'm in unbelief that this is our life, that this injury did happen to my son and his life will never be what it was before.
You basically have 2 choices: crumble or stay focused on goals that will move you forward.
I'm NOT saying our family does not have our down days, we do and those are very hard, but you cannot stay there.

I have a few Prayer requests and updates...

#1 Please Pray Zack will get better sleep at night, this has really become a problem. His body is just not tired at the end of the day. He tries to sleep but is awakened throughout the night with "leg spasms" (spasms are when his legs uncontrollably shake, or jerk upwards towards his chest) then he is stuck in this position and has to call for help.
They have medication but its very strong and it will cause his legs to become (completely still, dead legs) and that is not good during the day when he needs the movement.

Its very frustrating for all of us and when you don't sleep good, it effects everything! We have tried so many things. Zack has reverse effects with sleeping pills it is making it even harder to figure out a good solution.

#2 COLLEGE! Zack has decided this year he is going to apply to a 4 year school AND try and LIVE ON CAMPUS he will be applying to CSUF we have already toured the campus, talked with the disabled student dept. and housing. They were really supportive and encouraging. Zack could potentially be the 1st quadriplegic to live on campus!
But with this Major decision comes LOTS of work and LOTS of paperwork!!!
The regular application process can be overwhelming, we are adding in many other things that will be needed.
(application, testing, housing, roommate, personal caregiver, help at school, financial aid, multiple scholarship programs, service dog etc...)
Plus just the idea of Zack moving out! Like any mom or dad would feel when there son or daughter goes off to college...I will be VERY Extra Busy from now until Jan..PLEASE Pray for each step of the way, I NEED IT!!

#3 Zack can enjoy his last year of high school! Because of the "sudden shift" in goals he had to add 3 classes to his schedule this year. The last 2 years we have been focused on his physical therapy (and will continue as best we can) we figured Zack would go to Jr. College and live at home for a couple years. Zack has already stepped up "his game" I'm proud of him, but I want him to have fun his last year of HS too, Pray he can find balance with everything.

Thank you for your support and prayers..I will keep you updated as we continue to move in this new direction!


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