Friday, May 18, 2012

Life's Constant Ups an Downs

I haven't written in awhile partly because I haven't known what to write about. As always its constantly busy here at the Collie house regular things like Birthday parties, sick kids, homework, housecleaning, Dr. appts, therapies etc... what's different in the last few weeks is the looming date coming up (May 31st) will be Zack's 2 year mark of his injury. I cant help but feel the sadness that comes with this date. I know there are some injured people who celebrate there injury date as their "new life" but I have not been able to see it that way (for now at least) I do get that they are survivors.

Do you remember being 17? Life was hard just being a teenager let alone add in a insane injury like this one! Zack's had to deal with Adult size problems and has lost out on most of the normal teenage activities. I see friends come and go and watch people respond in all different ways to him being in a wheelchair.
I think about how Zack cannot get out of bed, change positions at night, make himself some food, dress himself, use the bathroom privately, shower himself, stand up, walk or run... I don't list these things to feel sorry for him, I list them because its amazing to me how he lives each day, unable to do these simple things for himself that you and I completely take for granted.

Hard to believe summer is around the corner (again) feels like my kids just started school! Zack will be a senior next year, God willing college after that..I can't think too far ahead about Zack's future and what it holds for any of my children, I will continue to make plans but I have learned to be flexible, enjoy the little things in life (like coffee and sunshine) spend time with family and friends, help others, make alone time even if its 5-10 minutes, Be thankful and enjoy the one CraZy Life I have been given and make it a good one.

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