Monday, November 8, 2010

Look at Zack "Standing"

Zack asked us to help him stand up. Adron and Levi are holding him up. It was GREAT to see him in that position. He has grown! He is now as tall as Adron about (5'11) Fun day!

P.S. THANK YOU to all of you who e-mailed me or posted encouraging thoughts our way. It was very uplifting to hear from so many of you. Love, Amber

Zack's New Room!

Another Big Thank You is in order to Vince and Donna Campion, Yorba Linda Sunrise Rotary Club and my friend Stephanie Ruppe they have re-done Zack (and Levi's) bedroom. It is a small room and the boys share it. It was not a very great room to hangout in before but that has changed. The YL Rotary Club came to the house and actually put together the furniture they bought for us. Vince Campion is a realtor who read Zack's article in the OC register. He is part of the Yorba Linda Sunrise Rotary Club they wanted to help us with a project. Stephanie is a friend who I had asked if she would help me with Zack's room, when I got a letter from Vince so I asked Stephanie to call him. So between all of them Zack now has a pretty cool "teenage friendly" bedroom to hangout in. Thanks you guys!

Finished room...

This is Randy Maddix President and CEO of R.E.M sleep solutions. Randy is a friend of Vince Campion and heard about Zack and donated the most amazing bed ever. It is a full long temperpedic type ADJUSTABLE Bed! It has build in massage the head and feet can adjust up and down in different positions which is great for Zack and allows him to be able to change positions. We have now been able to give back his hospital bed that was in our living room and Zack can sleep back in his own room. If your thinking of buying a bed please give Randy a call @ 877.REM.BEDS I know that sounds like a sales pitch but I'm telling you its a great bed we are always laying on it with Zack. Thank You Randy!

To replace the hospital bed in the living/family room Lazy Boy in Yorba Linda donated a Lazy Boy recliner chair. Zack can now join the family and sit in a regular recliner chair. Its Great to have him in with us when were all watching a movie or just hanging out. Thanks Lazy Boy. The Yorba Linda community has been so supportive. Again I'm truly overwhelmed and grateful. Thank you.

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