Saturday, June 5, 2010

Facts About the Accident

At Newport Beach between 40th & 42nd St. on Memorial Day, Zack and three of his friends ran into the ocean and dove into the waves. His body instantly was paralyzed. He was face down in the water.

His buddy, Travis, saw him and thought that he was joking. Then Zack started floating back out to sea and Travis ran to him and turned him over. Zack was still conscious, had held his breath the whole time, and remembers everything.

Zack said, "I can't move." Travis pulled him to the shoreline and ran to get a lifeguard, who then called 911.

Paramedics took Zack to Hoag Hospital (Newport Beach) first and then on to CHOC.

These are the events that took place and we are forever grateful to all the people who helped to rescue and stabilize our son Zack. Thanks to all the support we have gotten through phone calls, visits and prayers. We could not walk through this without you. Thank you GOD for never leaving my side.

Adron Collie (Zack's Dad).

Doctor's Update

There has been no prognosis given by the doctors at this time.

The doctors' exact words are, "Zack has a 'severe' injury."

Breathing on his own and the hematoma (bruise) are still a major concern.

Saturday Morning Update

Amber just called to say Zack still has a lot of congestion in his chest. So our two main prayer requests for today would be that the congestion clears and the swelling with the hematoma is healed. Both the congestion and the hematoma are affecting his ability to breathe on his own, so it is critical that these things improve.

She also said two neurosurgeons have said they are encouraged by Zack's ability to know when they touch him.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Labored Breathing

Amber said the mucus in Zack's chest is back and he is having more trouble breathing.

Please continue to pray.


Zack is getting hungry. He told his nurse, "Hey I'll give you 10 bucks if you go to In-N-Out for me." She responded, "Well, I can give you jello!"

He ate it and said it tasted good, but can't wait until he can get a Number 2.

(Note: The "Lobster Burger" is not available; we checked)

Medical Update

Zack's mom, Amber, has asked me to pass on three main points.

* Prayer Request: The family has been told by doctors that the hematoma (bruise) in Zack's spinal cord is located on the inside of the spinal cord. The doctor would have preferred that it be on the outside of the spinal cord. This is of concern to him. Please pray that this hematoma is touched by God and the spinal cord is healed.

* For those who have been asking what Zack's diagnosis is... There is no prognosis at this time. It is simply "wait and see" for about the next 3 months.

* We wanted to clarify that when we say Zack has "feeling" in his arms and legs this is more of a nerve sensation akin to pins and needles.

Answer to Prayer

Just wanted to let everyone know that Zack's chest congestion has cleared up a lot!! Thanks so much for praying for that as it was a big concern. Please keep praying it will clear completely as that will make his breathing much easier.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Words After Surgery

Zack's first words once they removed the ventilator were, "Give me some chapstick!"

Breathing is hard work but his blood oxygen levels are great. Thanks for those prayers! I know we've said this before, but please know the family is SO appreciative of all your love, prayers, and support. It means the world to us!!

Off the Ventilator!

Zack is off the ventilator. They are giving him supplimental oxygen and his oxygen blood levels are rising.

Please continue to pray his cold clears as that will help his breathing tremendously.

Good News

Good news, the doctors are going to help Zack slowly regain consciousness (post-operative) and begin breathing with-out the assistance of a ventilator.

This is good because it means he is strong enough to breath on his own and begin post-operative recovery.

They will be removing the breathing tube this afternoon around 2:00 PM.

For now, the family requested that visitors to the hospital be limited to immediate family only. Thank you for understanding and we will look forward to allowing more visitors soon.

Waking Up

Zac is waking up! The doctors are slowly turning down his sedation levels and he's coming around. He's not able to speak as he is still on a ventilator, but he is blinking eyes and communicating awareness to his mom.

Main prayers for today:
* That Zack would be able to get off the ventilator quickly and be able to breathe on his own again
* That he would have minimal pain
* That his lungs would continue to clear of the congestion from his cold.

At this time, we would also ask that all well wishes, comments, questions or concerns be posted to this site as the family is overwhelmed at this time. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Surgery Details

Here are all the details from the surgeries.

The surgeons took a fragment from a donor shin and made a 3-sided vertebrae they inserted through the front of Zack's neck to replace his 4th vertebrae.

Then they went in through the back of his neck and screwed in a steel plate from his 3rd-5th vertebrae. Although this will restrict his front to back movement (chin to chest) he will still have side to side movement.

His spinal cord was not punctured so the surgeons didn't have to do anything there. Praise the Lord for that!!

The surgery was done on the St. Joseph's campus. Zack will stay there, sedated, until he is stable. Once Zack is stable he will be moved back to CHOC.

Please continue to pray:
* for complete healing
* for swelling to quickly go down
* that his throat will heal quickly (as the result of being on a ventilator during surgery he may have trouble with his vocal chords and swallowing for a little while.)

Thanks again for all your support! Adron and Amber are being swamped with calls and emails that they are unable to return at this time. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Posting comments here is a good way to connect with them.

Surgery Went Well!

I (Krista) just heard that Zack is out of surgery and both went very well! The doctors are going to keep him sedated through tomorrow to give his body a better chance to rest and recuperate. Thank you so much for your prayers!!

Surgery Update

Zack came through the first surgery very well! The surgeons are proceeding with the second one and hoping to be finished by 6pm tonight.

Zack's Gumby Suit Video (June 2009)

June 2009

Quick Picture Collage of Zack

Zack & Travis

Zack and Travis - buddies since preschool. We are praising God for Travis... he recognized Zack was in trouble and pulled him out of the water without disturbing his neck. What a miracle!

Prayer Request

Amber asked me (Krista) to post a request for prayer. Before the accident, Zack was struggling with a mild head cold. As a result he now has some chest congestion. They have tried several times to suction it out, but it hasn't cleared. Please pray that this congestion clears and the cold doesn't take hold.

Family Photo

For those who don't know Zack or who haven't seen him in a while here is a picture of all the cousins hanging out over Easter. Zack is the big guy on the end.

Surgery Update

Zack's surgery has been moved up to 12pm today. Adron is on his way to the hospital now in hopes of seeing Zack before he goes into pre-op. Amber has been there all night. Keep those prayers coming - they ARE making a difference!

Staying connected

Community Gathering

For those of you in the area, Adron & Amber are welcoming people to come to the main lobby of CHOC hospital during Zack's surgery (1-7pm) to hang out, pray, and be together. Adron will be going back and forth between this group and Zack's room - staying updated on his progress. You can park in the parking structure of CHOC and a shuttle will take you right to the front door of the lobby. The parking structure is free for the first 30 minutes and then $1 for each additional 30 minutes.

The Littles
Many people have been asking how Kaden & Laila are doing. They are doing really well! Kaden, with his soft heart, is so worried but it helped him a lot to be able to visit Zack yesterday. Laila, such a wonderful helper, is dusting the front room for me (Krista) as I type.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ways to help

Amber's friend, Monica, has set up this site as a way for people to sign up for meals, house help, etc. Click on the above link and enter your email address where it says "Interested in becoming a member of this community". Once Monica has approved you, you will be able to view the calendar and choose a way that you would like to help. Thanks so much!

Thanks for the support!

Here are the details as we have them right now.

Yesterday afternoon Zack was swimming at the beach with friends. After diving into shallow water he hit his head and broke his neck at C4. He does not have any head (brain) trauma. He does have a crushed vertebrae, however the spinal cord is intact. He has some sensation throughout his body, including his arms and legs. He is able to achieve slight movement with his shoulders and arms.

He is currently in ICU at CHOC Hospital receiving excellent care. He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow from about 1-7pm where the surgeons will do two back-to-back surgeries to replace the crushed vertebrae with a donor vertebrae and put in pins to stabilize his neck. The family is asking for no visitors at this point until he is out of surgery. Zack is very tired and sleeping a lot and they are also trying to minimize his exposure to any infections.

Please be praying for swelling of the spinal cord to go down, a successful surgery, and no complications with blood clots. We will be posting a link tomorrow for a website where anyone interested can sign up to help with meals, house cleaning, laundry, etc. Check back for that! We will continue to update this site as we have new information on Zack's condition.

Thank you so much for every one who has contacted us with prayers and offers of help. We are SO thankful for each and every one of you! Your love is holding us up!

Snoring a Little

Zack was sleeping (snoring a little even) when we (Uncle Zac & Auntie Krista) saw him tonight at 6.00PM.

He is breathing on his own and the ICU nurses are taking good care of him.

Amber and Adron are with him now.

Zack responded to stimulus during a neurological exam today.


Zack sustained a neck injury to his C-4 vertebra while swimming and is in the ICU at CHOC; Children's Hospital of Orange County.

His condition is critical and he is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday June 2nd, 2010.

Please check this Blog for updates as the family is inundated with calls and visitors are limited.

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