Thursday, September 30, 2010


Blog: Sept. 30th
WOW! That's all I've been able to say since last nights Taco Fundraiser. For those of you who came, you know what I'm talking about!
The fundraiser was, to say the least, an amazing success. I am completely overwhelmed by your generosity and support. I know there were people who waited over 2 hours for a plate of tacos. The raffle baskets were beautiful and packed full of wonderful prizes. My family and I are still in awe of the whole night. Taqueria DeAnda, (which, by the way, the owner of the company was serving tacos himself) YLHS, Mike and Monica, the Lindseys and ALL of the workers who helped out - what else can I say but THANK YOU! It WAY exceeded any expectations I may have had. I am planning on putting up pictures of the event and a more detailed thank you list but just know I went to bed thinking about the event and woke up thinking about it. To see all those people... family, friends and strangers it was so surreal to me. I wish I could have said "hi" to everyone. Just know how sincerely grateful my family and I are. Zack pushed through even though he's not been feeling well and told me when we got home that he had a lot more fun than he thought he would.  You guys raised over $17,000... a 1/2 years worth of physical therapy for Zack! And to ALL the people who wrote Zack's name on a raffle ticket for the UFC another THANKS. He's SO excited about going to that. I'll be posting again asap!
This was not the only AMAZING fundraiser. Saturday's fundraiser at United Methodist church, put on by Annie Cruise and friends, of a Rummage Sale was also a HUGE success! We went by and stayed an hour or two and I was again completely overwhelmed by the community's generosity of their time and money. The place was packed full of items. This event was 3x's what I expected. I wish I was better with words. I have to admit it's hard being on the receiving end of this situation but it has opened my eyes even more to seeing the beauty and kindness that is in people. I look forward to the day when it will be my turn to give back. Thank you to everyone who set up the night before, sorted, priced items, and worked the next day (in the heat!). Again, I will be posting pictures of this event as well and a more detailed Thank You list.
Also, many don't know this, but a Junior girl scout troop has "adopted" Zack and had a garage sale for him that Saturday as well. The girls worked SO hard (remember that was the day it was 100 degrees!) selling lemonade and more... pictures and details to come.
I hope you realize it's really you and God who are literally carrying us through each day. May the Lord bless each one of you who has given on our behalf and may He bless you back.
With love, amber and family.
P.S. this was suppose to be my "quick" thank you version! (smile)


  1. Amber, Sorry I missed seeing you last night! I did get to talk with Zack and I could see that he was truly moved by the show of support. Kevin and I were overwhelmed to see so many turn out for Zack! It was really a HUGE success and truly restores faith in how open people's hearts are. Now you can concentrate on Zack getting better and not have to worry for awhile about the financial part of it! That has to be a huge weight off the Collie family shoulders.....God bless your entire family and keep the faith = )
    The Dowlatabadi's

  2. Amber & family!
    It was great news to hear of the many successes that are happening in raising money for Zach's therapy as well as any other needs you may all have.
    I am disappointed that we are unable to attend these events-it seems distance, timing etc. keep getting in the way. We all offer our prayerful support & appreciate all the updates.
    Sending some gift cards soon-that's the least we can do.

    Mich love & always remember Suz is smiling down on al of you.

    Much Love
    Sheila & family


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