Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Huge Thank You to the Ruppe Family

Another overdue Huge "Thank you" is to the Ruppe Family (Danny & Stephanie) we have installed a special chair into our truck that actually comes out of the car and lowers down, then we transfer Zack from his wheelchair to the chair and Zack can ride in the front seat. Its called a "Bruno" Chair.

Those that are wondering about the van we did everything to try and make that work but when Zack was sitting in his wheelchair in the van his head hit the roof, it would have been extremely costly to put both a ramp and a bubble top roof to make the van usable. We were Very grateful to the Wilsons who were so kind to donate the van and have kept in touch with them. I'm sorry it didn't workout.

The Bruno chair is working out fine and we are getting down his transfers much easier these days. Some of his friends are pro's at getting him in the truck now! I'm truly impressed.

To Danny and Stephanie this was a very generous donation to my family and we are all overwhelmed by your kindness not just with your $ but your time as well. Stephanie has also been a Big part in helping us re-do Zack's room (more about his room and pictures to come).

With gratitude, Amber

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