Monday, September 27, 2010

A few Long over Due Thank You's!

First the bathroom that has been re-modeled for Zack is AMAZING! Its beautiful the pictures don't do it justice but I tried to capture the detail that was put into this bathroom. Many people helped out to make this possible. Our goal was to make a walk in shower to bath Zack while sitting in his commode chair. The "roll in" shower with slanted flooring is just perfect and makes showering Zack so much easier!

Special Thanks goes to..
Architect: Ade Collie (the only one we could afford, haha)
Fundraising: Jacquie Tidball
Financial support: Steve, Rudy and Mike from Buffalo Hunters (you guys really helped make it possible)
Demo: Johnny Bates, Tony and Mark @ Turnkey remodel
Supervisor: Kory Radford @ Radford Contracting (detailed as Ade, which was great!)
Concrete removal: Kevin Askier @ AAA Construction
Trash removal/misc: Rodney Jennings
Pouring Concrete: Oscor
Electrical: Jim Kenny, Steve Nezzell @ Anaheim Hills electric
Pluming: Steve @ South West Pluming
Drywall: Danny Ruppe @ Trueform Construction
Tile: Paul O'Connel
Cabinet and countertop: Vince Nardo, Leon & Sharon Brickett @ Reborn Cabinets
Misc. Help: Will Gilbert
Painting: Adron Collie with ACP painting Inc.

I LOVE this bathroom! Thanks to everyone who donated time, $, energy and support to this project.

I also want to re-Thank Jeff Brown @ UDC Corporation for the awesome ramp he made Zack its So cool and wide enough to get Zack through the slider door easily in his wheelchair. The handrail has come in very handy as well. Thanks Jeff!

Also to Sam Harel for the extended walkways around the house from front to back, I didn't think that was going to be necessary BUT Boy was I wrong! So Thank You Sam!

The modifications to our home have been bittersweet...I deeply appreciate the hard work from all that put in the effort to make a hard situation as easy as possible.

Love, amber

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