Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Priceless Photos

I came across these photos recently, they were on the blog way in the beginning as "before" pictures. I wanted to re-show everyone how wonderful and healthy Zack was. I loved that Zack was SO strong and becoming a man at 5'10 and 168lbs. He was your typical BIG Brother who loved to tease and semi-torture the younger ones, but they instigated and loved to play back. Zack is all about fun, loud music and activities.

When looking at these pictures it makes me sad but hopeful that God can restore Zack. It may be different than what it was but I am believing that there is a bigger story behind his injury and I can choose to look for the positives along the way. I never would wish this upon anyone and my heart is broken every time my boy is sad. But I also get to see the "best" side of people during this time. Once again I thank you for your prayers and unbelievable support to Zack and my whole family.

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