Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rummage Sale Fundraiser

This Rummage Sale way exceeded any expectations I had formed.

I want to Thank United Methodist church and school for hosting this Rummage sale and working the event as well. (2 of my 4 children went to pre-school there and we LOVED it!) You guys have been So supportive.

To Annie Cruse, Grace Ehrman and All the women from the "Littlest Angel Guild" for planning this for Zack. To Rich & Sharon Vandermey their daughter Marissa and Austin who also worked all day (are friends of Zack's). To the Lugo family, Gregg Green, and ALL the husbands who helped out as well. Thank you to the people who made up the flyers and got the word out there!

There was a lot to do the day before setting up tables, organizing and receiving ALL the donations. Might you remember the HEAT wave we were having those couple days! To the ones who got up early and sold coffee, pastries and later lemonade...Thank you!

To my in-laws Ade and Frannie Collie who allowed people for weeks before to drop things off at their house and stored them until the sale. Then got a truck and drove up all the items.
I know I'm missing names because So many people helped out and made it a great success. Please Know how moved we were when we walked in mid morning and saw the place packed full of "stuff" and was told that that was only about 1/2 of what it looked like earlier. We were truly overwhelmed by your generosity of your time and energy. Thank you to everyone who came and shopped and to the ones who gave a donation way above the items they purchased. The Sale brought in several thousand $ for Zack's recovery therapy. He is so happy at the place he goes and its because of you that we can keep bringing him there.

With love, Amber & Zack

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