Sunday, June 6, 2010

Words from Amber

"I know we are being prayed for - I can feel it. I have no words to express my appreciation."
Amber Collie (Zack's mom)


  1. Zack, Levi, and your entire family are in my prayers. I know there are many in the Bernardo Yorba Middle School community who are also sending prayers. I also added Zach and your entire family to the prayer chain at my church, First Christian Church, Fullerton.

    Cameron Malotte

  2. Zack, You, Adron and the entire family are surrounded with prayers Amber, bathed in them. I have forwarded this to everyone I know to pray and have sent it to Extreme Prophetic, Patricia King's ministry.

    Love, Aggie

  3. Yes, we're praying hard!!!

    Judy Alexander

  4. Amber, you're all in our thoughts throughout each day, and we're not letting up on crying out to God on your behalf! Love you!
    Cindy & Steve

  5. Amber and family, we have so many people praying for continued healing, strength, and persiverance. We love you!

    The Brown family

  6. Amber, we are praying every day for Zack's recovery....Keep the faith! Kevin and I would love to come and visit as soon as it is okay.

    Love, Kathleen and Kevin

  7. Amber-
    I don't see many of my posts here but none the less-you know we are all praying for ZACH, you & the entire family.
    God will direct you as to where to have Zach receive his PT-Rehab-there are many good facilities-
    Love & Prayers

    Sheila & family

  8. Cheryl BojorquizJune 9, 2010 at 12:30 AM

    Amber..... my heart broke when I heard the news, but I know how big our God is and you all are in our prayers. I have put the word out on Facebook, so all my prayer buddies will lift your family up as well. People who don't know you are praying for you. That's why you can 'feel' it. :) God is good and has a plan and purpose for all that we go through, good and bad. Praise HIm for that. Sending all our love and prayers for a complete healing your way... Mark, Cheryl, and kids (Bojorquiz)
    And please tell Zack.... we look forward to riding with him again soon! ;)


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