Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's Update

Zack had a busy day today. He had 2 hours of physical therapy and several visitors. They've made splints for his wrists and he is moving his forearms up and down now. They even wheeled him outside for some fresh air!

Thanks to everyone - keep praying!
Amber (Zack's mom)


  1. Praise the Lord. Nothing is too hard for Him. I'm praying several times a day for the whole family - but especially Zack.

  2. HI Zach. I'm Kaila. Bailey's cousin. I just wanted to let you know we are in San Diego praying for you and hope your doing better everyday. I will keep you in my prayer's.

  3. Hi Zach & Amber,and all the family!!!
    Sounds like you guys are doing really good & with each new day you will get stronger physically & emotionally.
    So glad Zach is able to enjoy the In & Out Burgers, visitors,etc. & probably in that order too.
    So many prayers are being said for you Zach & we are all believing that there are miracles in store for you.
    Anxious to hear about WHEN you will be going to Casa Colina-looks like a GREAT facility.

    Hugs & Hope
    Sheila Harris
    Susie's Family

  4. Hi Zack I'm a fellow classmate of your Grandfather's and know Grandmother too. I've been praying for all of you that God will give you the Strength to see this through.You come from GOOD Gene's knowing Grandpa Ade.
    Keep your Faith Always!!
    Helen Costa Hatcher
    Class of 59


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