Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday's Update

Zack and his mom, Amber, arrived at Casa Colina last night around 7:30pm. They got checked in and all set up for Monday's routine. Amber says they are both feeling a little down... it's a new place that is unfamiliar.

Amber also wanted to clarify that Zack does not have the ability to move his wrists on his own - but when he's wearing wrist splints he can move them a little because of the support.


  1. Hey Amber and Zach! Chins up...smiles on! New people..scary for anyone BUT...all that aside your on a great road to recovery and im sure the people are wonderful:) Its easy to let thoughts take over our minds but remember...this is just a little detour that our wonderful creator must have thought you guys could handle so lets all pull together, get Zach better and put your family all back together! The prayers never cease, and we know you can do it Zach. Stay strong, be confident, have patience and know that you are loved by many...were all routin for you! Keep on keepin on...but most of all keep your faith!


    The Jackson
    Bob, kym, jared, jaz, shy, jake, sethe and brooke.

  2. Kim Clack (Kevin's mom)June 12, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    We are thinking of you Zack and Amber every moment. We are praying that the transition goes well. I know it will. Everyone's going to love Zack!

  3. Hi Zach & Amber~
    Was surprised to read that you are already at Casa Colina, but that seems encouraging that Zach is READY for therapy & that you can be there together. Sounds like this is a resident type situation for now-I am sure it is helpful to Zach to have MOM there & Amber- I know God is giving you the strength you need to help Zach during this time.
    Love & Prayers~~~



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