Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving Forward

"Zack will be moving to Casa Colina Rehabilitation Hospital as early as this evening! We got the doctor we wanted assigned to Zack without even having to request him. And Zack will have a window bed! Thank You Lord! CHOC Hospital has been so good to us... we had good care and will miss the nursing staff."



  1. My name is Hal Hargrave and we found out about Zack through the Wohrman family.My son was injured on 7/26/2007 and sustained a SCI injury.C5-6.You are in great hands at Casa Colina.Hal spent 63 days at Casa and it was a stepping stone to a great Recovery.We have a Foundation called the Be Perfect Foundation. son established this Foundation through his stay at Casa and Recovery process.The Foundation has helped over 50 SCI friends stay in Recovery.Please reach out to us when you are ready and Hal can come by to visit Zach.Please drop our name and the Foundation name to Dr Patterson(he is on our Foundation Board)and the CEO Dr. Levorso.They are both tremendous individuals and personal friends.Zach is in the best Acute Rehab facility in the Country.Do not hesitate to call or email anytime and we will be there as you will have questions that maybe we can help with
    Yours In Recovery
    The Hargrave's and The Be Perfect Foundation


  2. Kim Clack (Kevin's mom)June 11, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    Will Zack be able to have visitors at the rehab center? We are thinking about him all the time.

  3. Amber,
    Hal, the post above, is who I was telling you about. Fantastic family with a fantastic foundation. We have walked this journey with them side by side for the last three years. They will be a great resource for you. I am sure Brain, Hal and Zack will become fast friends. Such good news about Casa will not be disappointed!
    Talk to you soon!
    Teri Goodwin

  4. Amber,
    I have to concur that CHOC IS a wonderful hospital... I had spent much time there as a baby... I am so glad to hear that Zack will be treated by a good P.T. at a really good rehab facility.That is so crucial to his recovery....I have been and will continue to keep you all in my prayers. I will be out for pretty much the whole month of July. That being said, please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do. I mean it...

    Mindy Danielle de Long-Jedrey

  5. Hi Amber-
    It's so nice to hear that Zach is being moved to a rehabilitation center. He'll be in great hands.

    I have a friend at work who was injured in a diving accident 7 years ago and was talking to him the other day. When I mentioned Zach, he said he'd be more than happy to come talk to Zach if he ever wants someone to talk to. Even though my friend will be forever changed, he's come a long way both physically and mentally since his accident.

    You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

    Dana Rodocker

  6. Hi Amber-
    I am so sorry to hear of your son Zach's accident. I have been keeping him and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I will continue to visit this site and keep updated on his progress. It sounds like he is doing amazing...I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures of him! Please let me know if you need anything. Stay strong and take care of yourself.

    Lots of Love,
    Heidi (Fronaberger)


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