Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday's Update

Amber said thank you so much for your prayers for her today. The choice of which rehab facility is best for Zack was made crystal clear to her today. She says it couldn't have been more clear. Zack is excited and ready to go! For anyone interested in looking it up he will be going to Casa Colina in Pomona, CA.


  1. I am curious as to what made Casa Colina the Crystal Clear Choice? I am so thankful that this decision has been made. I am not sure how far that is from Zach's home-but if God takes ya to it-he will take you through it. Sending love to all & anxious for positive feedback every day. Even in this tough & uncertain times God is working in all of our lives.
    Sending many prayers & lots of love-
    Sheila & family

  2. Though my son, and Zack's good friend Dylan has been speaking with Zack almost daily the past 4-5 days I finally mustered the courage to call him myself this evening. I was afraid of what I might hear and that seemed to keep me from calling. What do you say to someone who has suffered through what our good friend Zack has?

    Well I am so glad I finally put my apprehension aside and called. What a super brave kid old Zack his. Polite as always and sounded very upbeat. Wow his courage and determination are unbelievable! He is very excited about moving forward and getting stared at Casa Colina with his thearpy.

    If you want to feel better about Zacks looming battle ahead go to the website and read the testimonials. They are very positive and encouraging. The most ironic thing about talking with Zack is that he actually cheered ME up!

    Zack is a fantastic kid and no matter what lies ahead of him that will never change.

  3. I heard about Zack's accident today from Reggie Monday who is a friend of your good friend. My 16 year old son Jesse Curtis broke his C4 Vertebrae last August after a motocross accident. He was wearing the latest tech neck brace, so he was fortunate. It was a trying time - waiting in ICU for results, surgery options, and prognosis, but it was God's grace and strength that got him through it. He didn't require surgery, but he had to wear a Halo brace for 4 months - that was challenging. His spinal cord was spared damage. One of his first worries was getting his driver's license. Next came his motocross and spring board diving future. He is swimming and playing tennis - not a bad alternative. He misses the sports that he was passionate about, but through this tragedy he now understands his purpose in life. He's made a remarkable recovery with some limitations, but nothing that can stop him from serving his GREAT BIG GOD! Zack can contact Jesse at if you think he would like to meet him. It seems like they are the same age with similar interests! We will continue to pray for Zack and his recovery...
    Jill Curtis - Fort Wayne, Indiana


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