Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's Update

Zack's attitude continues to impress me. He seems to like his physical therapy and his humor makes everyone laugh! He has met a few new people, is getting to know the staff better and is learning a ton of new things. Also, just for the record, Zack has been passed on to 10th Grade!


  1. Hi Amber-
    I left a few comments & still can't locate them-but no matter-I followed the info you listed & when I went to comments it said"0"
    I am glad Zack is able to laugh & make people laugh. I feel certain God is working in his life in many ways & I know Zack will be the Wonder Boy..
    Hope you are finding a little time to just release all the feelings that you are dealing with & be sure to keep us posted as to any other THINGS you or Zack might want or need-
    Love to all the family!


  2. Robert and Dylan PicheJune 18, 2010 at 7:02 PM

    Hey Zack, we are glad to hear that you're making friends and enjoying your time at Casa Colina. We finally got your package together today and sent you some things to help you pass some time. Also 2 packs of gum as you have been asking! Hey the fruit gushers were your dads idea. He said NO MORE CANDY! Sorry. Maybe you can get him back on Fathers Day by giving him a tie:)

    Anyway Zack keep up the good work. We are all anxious for you to overcome this obstacle. You have so many people in your corner Zack. Keep your head up and stay positive. Your mental attitude is a very powerful tool if you use it.

  3. Keep up the great work Zack! We are cheering you on! Kevin and I are planning to come and visit you this Monday = )

    Keep the faith! You are awesome!

    The Dowlatabadi's

  4. Okay, so I'm so glad you posted that about school, because the teacher part of me was worried they might have issues. SO glad to hear Zack's spirits are so good. What a brave guy!

  5. The Diederich family is praying for you! Keep up the great attitude. God bless you.


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