Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Attitude

Zack's attitude has been amazing! He is very confident that God is with him, he is staying positive. He's had to endure some humbling circumstances but he does it with no complaints. I am SO proud of him!
~ Amber


  1. Hey Guys, The pictures are encouraging for Zack's progress. It's great to see a smile on his face and it's amazing to see him sitting up and his arms in the air. That is so awesome! I truely believe that his never give up will and his youth is on his side. Stay strong.

  2. Dear Collie Family,
    My son is a soph at YLHS and told me about Zack's accident and we've been praying for him every day. God's grace shines so strongly in your son. Zack, you are an amazing young man. Continue to trust the Lord! He loves you very much and will always be with you!

  3. Zack,

    Everytime I check in and read your progress, it instantly brings tears to my eyes. Not because I am sad, but because in every picture,the smile on your face and the gleam in your eyes is the true reflection of Jesus. You ROCK, my friend. Keep on fighting and continuing to be the hero and inspiration that you are!!

    in our daily prayers
    Mindy Danielle de Long-Jedrey
    and family


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