Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wonder Boy!

Doctor came in today and said, "How's the wonder boy?"
Amber: "What!? Why?"
Doctor: "With his injuries at C4 we expected him to be on a ventilator. The fact he is breathing on his own is amazing!"
Amber: "Well, we're praying hard!"
Doctor: "Good! Keep it up!!"


  1. Zack, Always keep the doctors stumped...it's a fun game to play...look you are already beating the odds! Way to go! Stay mentally strong and pray like crazy. God is the master healer and he has great things in store for you! Work hard tomorrow. Bri and I will come to see you soon. He has a friend in from out of town so he's been busy with him. See you soon!
    Teri Goodwin
    Luke 5:24

  2. Dearest Zach and Family, we are so happy and grateful that you are now breathing on your own. We have special interest in you as our Daughter Cyndi was in a terrible car accident on her high school graduation week end and her friend was killed, Cyndi was left with a spinal cord injury paralizing her from knee down, she was another miracle just like you, She is doing very well today and is now 46, she just got her bachelors degree in phsycology and she has done numerous work for the Spinal Cord Injury Foundation. She has counseled some that have been critically injured. Never,Never, give up. The Lord has a plan for you and wants you to recover so you can carry out His Plan.God Bless, we are still Praying, I will send the good news to Cyndi.
    Jerry & Judy Smith

  3. Hi Zach & Amber-
    I have posted 3 messages so far & don't see any -so maybe this one will reach you.
    Sending lots of love & prayers for all of you.
    Zach, I do believe God has special plans for you- he will use you & your incredible FAITH to open eyes & to glorify God.
    Hugs & Hope


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