Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday, June 20th (Father's Day)

I'm not great with words but I want to send out again a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who are continuing to lift my family up in prayer and all the support we are getting at this time. I know for sure we could not make it without you.

I want to continue to update you on Zack's progress. As I've shared, his attitude and spirits are strong, focused and positive. I also want to clearly state there has been NO NEW movement in Zack's body yet. Since the day of the accident Zack has had movement in his shoulders and forearms ONLY (no wrists, hands or fingers) or below. He still has "sensation" down to his toes so he knows if you are touching him and where, but it's described as a numb-like touch as if your foot has fallen asleep.

We are approaching the 3 week mark. I am asking for specific prayer for New Movement. I thank God in advance for what He is going to do, I know God can heal him.

Zack has a laptop now that is voice activated and has enjoyed that over the weekend. Adron (Zack's dad) has been there the last 2 nights and I got to come home for the 1st time and spend time with the other 3 siblings. That is also a prayer request that we will be able to use our time wisely as we juggle between the 2 places.

As you are praying for my family, know I am thanking God for all of you.
with love, Amber (Zack's mom)


  1. Amber,
    I am so thankful that you have been able to spend a couple days at home-I am sure Zack & his dad have had some special moments together.
    Ted, Jerry & I , maybe Janae,etc. want to visit you-we'll try in another week or so. I will call first.
    Sending lots of love & many prayers. Praying for more movement for Zack-try not to get discouraged-you know Satan is at work!

    Love you lots...

  2. Hi Amber,

    We are praying every day for your family. We love you!

    Judy Alexander

  3. Thinking of all of you often and praying for you each time! Thanks for the specific request - that helps focus me.

    Love you all,


  4. Hi Amber,

    Let us know if you need anything specific or need us to watch the littles any time. Ace always loves playing with them or dinner for your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Angela, Tony & kids (Arianna, Anthony, Alyssa & Ace)

  5. Amber and Adron,

    I hardly get on FB anymore, and I just happened to be on there and stumbled on what happened to Zack. My heart is just aching for your family, and I am so very sorry for what you are all going through. Zack sounds like quite a strong and amazing young man. Stay strong and please know that our family will be praying for yours.

    God bless,

  6. Hi Amber, Hope your week is going well, Good idea to go home for a couple of days to spend time with family and rest. Lou took one to two nights a week and my daughter took Sat nites so Lou and I could be home together. That made it all bearable. You and hubby need time to recharge so you can stay strong for Zack. Make sure you take care of yourselves. Love to your family and I'll stop in this week to say hi. praying for you all
    Teri Goodwin
    Luke 5:24

  7. Hello Zack, Amber & Adrian-

    Just wanted to let you know my whole family has been, and will continue to pray for all you guys. We've been asking God to carry you all and heal Zack through you and all Zack's Doctor's! There are countless friends of ours all across the country praying as well. Zack is on prayer lists all over! I am blessed with a huge following on Facebook and all my "peeps" and fans are asking about him regularly. There's a lot of people pulling for you Zack! We have NO DOUBT you will be up and around again with some focus and hard work. With God ANYTHING is possible! Keep your chin up and keep smilin'!

    Lots of Love-Judson, Morgan, Dalton, Jagger, & Cash Mills

  8. Praying for a miracle! Love Sabino & Anita Flores


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