Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From Adron

Zack has been amazing. He was conscious from the moment he broke his neck, floating face down in the ocean and being pulled out by the current, until being rescued and taken to the emergency room with no Mom or Dad to comfort him. He had a severely broken neck for two days before they repaired the bones in surgery. I have never seen him cry or heard him complain. I have cried plenty. He has never asked why this happened to him. Zack told me last night that he has no doubt that he will get better because GOD is with him. It will be because of Zack’s strength, GOD’S unfailing love and all the support from friends and family that I can walk through this. ZACK IS MY HERO.


  1. You are inspiring to us all.

  2. Zack you are amazing and you have so much love and support all around you, you have a very strong soul and you are an inspiration to us all. Remember nothing is impossible, Miracles happen, be strong in your faith and never give up:) We love you! Hansen, Grahm and Becky!!


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