Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Surgery Details

Here are all the details from the surgeries.

The surgeons took a fragment from a donor shin and made a 3-sided vertebrae they inserted through the front of Zack's neck to replace his 4th vertebrae.

Then they went in through the back of his neck and screwed in a steel plate from his 3rd-5th vertebrae. Although this will restrict his front to back movement (chin to chest) he will still have side to side movement.

His spinal cord was not punctured so the surgeons didn't have to do anything there. Praise the Lord for that!!

The surgery was done on the St. Joseph's campus. Zack will stay there, sedated, until he is stable. Once Zack is stable he will be moved back to CHOC.

Please continue to pray:
* for complete healing
* for swelling to quickly go down
* that his throat will heal quickly (as the result of being on a ventilator during surgery he may have trouble with his vocal chords and swallowing for a little while.)

Thanks again for all your support! Adron and Amber are being swamped with calls and emails that they are unable to return at this time. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Posting comments here is a good way to connect with them.


  1. Uncle Phill and I share in your joy in the successful outcome of the surgery.Love and hugs and hope for the future, Aunt Sally

  2. Praise God!! So glad to hear it went well. Will keep Zack in our prayers.

  3. Its so great know surgery went well. praying for recovery.Ade and Amber know your in our prayers everyday.

  4. I have been praying for you guys and will continue to pray for complete,and total 100% recovery. I am also praying for Gods peace over your entire family.. I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well.

    though I dont live close to you all anymore,and can not offer much, if any help, know that you all are in my prayers muliple times a day.....

    Mindy De Long-Jedrey

  5. Praise the Lord for all He is doing. He gives us peace that passes understanding and is sufficient for every need.

    I am praying for a wonderful recovery and that God will use this whole experience to glorify His name.

  6. Praise the Lord the surgeries went well. I will keep praying for a speedy recovery for Zack & peace for all the rest of you.

  7. Wow! When God's people "lean not on their own understanding, but in all their ways acknowledge Him, He make their paths straight!

    It is great to seek people of faith trust the Lord in times of crisis and to see God honor that and reach down and answer their prayers. Zack is in good hands!

    Ken Verheyen
    (one of Adron's favorite customers)

  8. Praise God for the successful surgery! We love you guys!!!

    Many continued prayers of quick and complete healing, overflowing peace, abundant rest,unending favor,grace that cannot be contained,Gods goodness and glory and undescribable praise and thanksgiving in this very trying time...

    Your strength is an inspiration to all of us.


    The Browns

  9. Sounds like you have the absolute "A-team" in medical management, and I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well. Know that SO MANY of us are thinking of Zack out here -- even folks like customers who have never met him -- but still are hoping for the best possible successful outcome, and sending our good wishes and heartfelt prayers his way.

  10. Praying for God's mercy to continue in Zack's life and for healing and full restoration of his body.

  11. Praying for the Lord's mercy and grace to surround Zack and sustain and heal him. Asking for full restoration of his body and for a real joy in the Lord to fill his heart.

  12. I learned about Zack 10 minute before surgery and prayed mightily. The Lord is good - no puncture!!?? That is amazing and so like God! We will continue to pray for you unknown to me but known to God.


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