Thursday, June 3, 2010

Waking Up

Zac is waking up! The doctors are slowly turning down his sedation levels and he's coming around. He's not able to speak as he is still on a ventilator, but he is blinking eyes and communicating awareness to his mom.

Main prayers for today:
* That Zack would be able to get off the ventilator quickly and be able to breathe on his own again
* That he would have minimal pain
* That his lungs would continue to clear of the congestion from his cold.

At this time, we would also ask that all well wishes, comments, questions or concerns be posted to this site as the family is overwhelmed at this time. Thank you for your understanding and support!


  1. When Zac's accident was reported to our church prayer chain, we have been in prayer for him and the family. We have a prayer hearing and answering God who is Sovereign and does all things well. May the comfort of the Lord fill each heart. L and L from San Luis Obispo.

  2. L and L from San Luis Obispo, thank you so much for your prayers. We also believe that God is Sovereign and he hears and answers our prayers. Keep praying.

  3. Thank you Jesus..Our group at Vineyard Anaheim in the Food Pantry this morn [Thurs] prayed for Zack, that our Father would provide a miracle of movement, and a miracle of recovery. Bless all of you

    Jerry Wedding [VCF]

  4. My fervent hope is for an absolutely full recovery, no complications, no residual limitations and a productive and rewarding lifetime. I hope it so fervently in fact that it will have to come to fruition.



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