Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good News

Good news, the doctors are going to help Zack slowly regain consciousness (post-operative) and begin breathing with-out the assistance of a ventilator.

This is good because it means he is strong enough to breath on his own and begin post-operative recovery.

They will be removing the breathing tube this afternoon around 2:00 PM.

For now, the family requested that visitors to the hospital be limited to immediate family only. Thank you for understanding and we will look forward to allowing more visitors soon.

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  1. What good news. God does answer prayers & it seems his answers have been yes..We are all praying for miracles for Zack & that he will feel the out pouring of love from people he really doesn't even know.
    We are here to help & support in any way we can-we look forward to the time when Amber is ready to see some of Susie's family.
    Hugs & Prayers -keep HOPE alive.
    Sheila Harris & the Wilson Clan!!!


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