Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taco Fundraiser -- AN AMAZING TURNOUT!!! Part 1 of 7

To the DeAnda family -- Your family is one of the most generous and kind hearted people I know. The DeAnda family donated the food at this fundraiser and told my friend Monica weather its 500 or 5,000 we will do it! I am still in shock over the turnout and I am at a loss for words. All I can say is if you see a Taqueria DeAnda restaurant near you (one in Orange and Fullerton) and a few more..PLEASE GO! This is the kind of business you should want to support. They would not want me to "gush" over them its seemed like 2nd nature to the owners, who were serving the people in line themselves. Thank you DeAnda Family from my heart, Thank you!

To Monica and Mike Cornelius -- You guys put on the most successful fundraisers I've ever been a part of. Monica's one of the busiest moms I know with (4) boys all in sports and a business (restoration fitness) bootcamp she still found time to put on this HUGE event! Monica has awesome organization skills and ran that fundraiser like a pro. She is also the one who set up the Helping Hands calender and has ran that now for 4 months. Mike you are such a great people person and your social skills were put to good use. Thank you for helping with the raffle draws and everything else you did behind the scene.

Love you both! Amber and family

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