Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Financial Donations

As you know, Zack broke his neck while body surfing. It was a catastrophic injury rendering him paralyzed from the chest down. Some of his medical needs are being covered by insurance. However, many of his needs, particularly ongoing outpatient rehabilitation, are not covered by insurance.

When he is released from Casa Colina Inpatient Rehab he will return home and enter an out-patient physical therapy program at Project Walk in Carlsbad, CA. Their method has been created from years of experience working solely with spinal cord injuries.

However, Project Walk is one of Zack's needs that is not covered by insurance. Rehabilitation at Project Walk costs $100 per hour. It is estimated that Zack's monthly cost for rehab will be $3,600. Because of this, Zack’s family has started a fundraising campaign through the Catastrophic Injury Program at NTAF. NTAF is a nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

To contribute financially to Zack's rehabilitation needs, please click the link for "Zack's Campaign Fund (tax deductible)" under the "Financial Donations" heading in the right hand column of this blog and you will be taken to Zack’s personal webpage at NTAF. You can follow the directions at the bottom of the page and contribute either by check or by credit card.

Thank you for your generous support and prayers for Zack. They are greatly appreciated.

The Collie Family


  1. Setting up this fund is awesome!! I've been reading about Project Walk on the website. I love it. Thank God this program is somewhat close to home. Why does insurance not cover some/part of this program? That's crazy. Zack, we are praying and thinking about you and your family everyday.

  2. Sending lots of Love & Prayers that all of this hard work & effort on Zachs part as well as family & friends will surely honor God.
    I did try to post 2 comments Tues & it did not work-no authorization code popped up.

    Will be in touch soon!

    Love to all



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