Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy 2013 New Year, New Therapy

We've started off the New Year pretty good, other than one by one of us catching and or fighting off the winter colds that everyone seems to have these days. CraZy Busy with ALL the things on the "To Do" list that I know will never end So I'm trying hard to find Balance in all that I do...As mentioned in my last post... Zack has started going to a new physical therapy unit in Santa Ana. It is a 15-minute drive opposed to a 1-hr and 20-minute drive...we ARE still going to Project Walk (in Carlsbad) once a week and will continue as long as possible, but the drive and $ has forced us to look local and I'm pleased to say we found a great fit for Zack. I have known about the Goodwill Fitness Center for a while now and finally toured and signed up. Zack works one on one with a personal trainer for a hour and then with a physical therapist, uses the standing frame each time he goes too. It's a great combination with PW and we are happy about it.

We are still in the waiting period for college applications and busy applying for scholarships programs. We are still scheduled to train for a service dog in Feb, Zack is SOO excited!
More updates soon..amber

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