Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zack's 1-Year Anniversary

So this is it. I think the weeks leading up to this day were much worse than the day itself. I decided to let the day lead, don't need to be sad all-day nor do I need a party to celebrate his survival, even though I am of course extremely grateful for that. Since we just had a long weekend our family spent a lot of time relaxing, seeing movies and BBQing (as many others). It seemed to be enough.

In the pictures (taken today) were Brian Goodwin, friend and (2) of his trainers (David and Kirk) at Project Walk that have become friends as well. They love to give Zack a hard time and push him to do better. They are a good fit and I love their sense of humor. It's good for Zack physically and mentally going there and well worth the drive. Zack's looking forward to summer and will be starting back to school in the fall, part-time.

Thank you to all who have been a part of Zack's recovery this 1st year. I've heard myself say many times we couldn't have come this far without you. Thanks for letting me process (out loud) and for being interested in my son's progress. For that I am touched deeply. I look forward to seeing what another year brings to Zack's life and if I know him (and I do) it will be another adventure! (God be with me!) haha

Love, Amber


  1. We Love you Collie Family!!! So very proud of all of you!!! Continual prayers of complete restoration in the mighty Name of Jesus...Jehovah Raphe!! Keep it coming Lord!! Take Zack over the next threshold and get things moving at a faster pace now Lord...Jump Start Zacks Nervous System Lord and let everything within Him start firing properly. Strengthen his core and all muscles within him. Give Zack uncontained and immeasurrable faith and expectancy for his complete recovery and bless him every moment of every day with your unending love and presence Lord Jesus!!! God Bless You Zack as you are a miracle in the making, already miraculous at many levels...It is not over little Brother!!! It is only just begun!! Let the blessings flow!!! Love you Guys!!


    The Browns

  2. Hi Zach!
    I have tried to leave messages before & they don't seem to be posting.
    Sending love & prayers as you continue your journey with the new ZACK.
    You are amazing-young man of great faith, taking each day as God lays it out-continue to keep the faith & rely on Jesus to get you over all the hurdles. You are already an example of FAITH & many people will be blessed as a result of your "won't give up" attitude.
    Face each day as a special opportunity to allow Jesus to work in your life, that you might be a
    witness to others.
    Hugs & Prayers to you & your family.

    Sheila Harris


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