Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

It's been awhile since I've written. Things have been hard the last month.

It seems to just keep piling on? Stress and lack of any down time is taking its toll. I'm in the process of changing some things in Zack's schedule and looking FW to summer. Adron will be having knee surgery in a couple weeks and the Dr. said he'll be down about a month!? I have NO idea how that's going to work with his job, Zack and "our life" But more on that later...

We did have a really nice Easter - had about 20 people over including my Australian friends who have come back for physical therapy for this month. It's been great to see them again. Sue is a mother of 4 also and it's her oldest child who got injured, same age and level of injury as Zack! She's been a "God sent friend."

We had tons of food and a egg hunt for the little kids. My in-laws (Ade & Frannie) had a Great idea and we did a "eyes only" easter egg hunt, I know, the boys are a little old for easter egg hunts but (Nana & Grandpa) were smart and filled most of the eggs with $$ never too old for that! We had Levi (Zack's brother) sit in a wheelchair too so all 3 boys were the same eye level then each boy had a "little helper" so when the boys found a egg they'd tell the helper and they'd go get the egg. It was fun for everyone. Zack found the "golden egg" had a $100 bill inside! I said I want to play next year (haha).

Please keep us in prayer this month I'm having a hard time with Zack's up coming year mark (May 31) I KNOW its just a day but I'm still heartbroken and trying to accept this injury and keep hopeful at the same time. As well as keeping up with all the needs of my daily life. It's truly by God's grace I'm making it each day. Thank you for thinking of the way for Mother's Day this year I'm taking the day off!

Love, Amber

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  1. I have been reading this blog ever since you gave me a flyer on Zack this afternoon at Dr. Lee's office. He seems like such an amazing young man who has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I will be thinking of you on my "anniversary" as it will be yours too...yall have a great weekend and hope to see you soon, weve been talking about going to the next fundraiser that will be hosted ;)


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