Friday, May 13, 2011

Almost a Year Post Injury

I'm trying hard to not make it a big deal but can feel the slight anxiety looming when I think about Zack's up coming 1 year anniversary May 31st (Memorial Day) of his beach accident. I've thought of visiting the accident site Newport Beach, 42nd St. but I'll wait for now. I see the ocean each day I drive to Carlsbad for Zack's physical therapy and am determined to not let his accident ruin the beach for us, since I've always loved the beach and have taken my kids there whole lives, its worth the fight.

On another note Adron is scheduled for knee surgery on May 25th please keep that in prayer he will be down about a month. Still unsure how all that will work but trusting God to help me figure that one out.

I've posted some cute pictures with Zack and his (2) younger brothers with him at Project Walk. Both brothers like to go and be with Zack when they can. The pic's are a lil blurry but you can see the smile on Kaden (Zack's 8 yr. old brother) and see how much he loves his "Biggest Bro" its amazing to watch and I feel blessed.

Love, Amber

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  1. Love these pics! Kaden is so cute and it's so great to see the love on his face. Thanks for posting them! x


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