Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Could use some extra prayer

Its continuing to be a more challenging of weeks for Adron (zack's dad) and I anyway. Zack is still "rock solid" and for this I am Truly Grateful. God's given Zack amazing inner strength!

I've hurt my back, nothing in particular just all the lifting I do. Its getting better but Adron is on crutches right now he hurt his knee pretty bad. Being the great dad he is he took our 6 year old daughter to the "Roller Rink" and last trip around the rink, they both fell (I think he forgot he's not 12 years old anymore!). He's going in for x-rays tomorrow but he cannot put any pressure on it. So that's more lifting for me and Levi (zack's brother)

Please say an extra prayer for us. This blog has really helped me process my feelings thank you for reading it. ~Amber

P.S. It would be also great if Zack could sleep through the night. His body still "spasms" a lot at night and I get up sometimes 3-4x's a night to help straighten out his body. It has gotten better sometimes its only 1-2x's But a good night's rest can do wonders and benefits everyone.

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  1. i can definitely relate to Zack's spasms and not sleeping thru the night. just said a quick prayer and by the blood of our precious Lord, Zack you're going to be healed. until then we pray Lord for some good solid restful nights for everyone and that Amber and Adron will heal quickly! Amen.
    John T


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