Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Milestone

Haven't had much to blog about and I have been down this week. There are days I just "don't want to be positive." I see kids Zack's age getting drivers licenses, cars and going to school dances and I think that's what my son should be doing. These are those years we "never forget" and yes Zack will "never forget" these years but not the way I thought he would. BUT after a day or two of thinking this way I always realize that doesn't help anyone and the fact is Zack IS injured and that is that.

A couple days ago we were sitting at the table having dinner and Zack's cell phone rang (thanks Dylan!) he picked up his phone and "threw it" to his ear and started talking. I looked at him, jumped up got my camera and took this pic. This is the 1st time I've seen him "hold" his phone. Now I have a thing with being as accurate as possible SO he is Not gripping the phone but was able to at least make his fingers curl just enough to get a light grip. He would say it was No Big deal but it was to me! I needed to see that. So on we go...Amber

P.S. Zack's been feeding himself regularly for awhile now, he wears a special fitted "glove" on his hand and we put a spoon wedged into the glove. He's also figuring out the things he can eat when he's out with friends on his own. I'm proud of him.

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