Friday, October 29, 2010

Physical Therapy, Part 2

The last 2 weeks Zack's add a new trainer at therapy, she has been with Project Walk a long time and I was pleased that Zack had her that day. As they started working out with Zack she got so excited at some of the things he can do. She said "Zack they have been hiding you from me!" She was telling him how great it is that he has certain movements, some of them are specifically needed to walk. He is making progress. Both Zack and I were very encouraged with her enthusiasm and positive comments. Project Walk continues to be both physically and mentally great for Zack.

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  1. Complete restoration in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!! Jump start Zacks nerves and impluses Lord giving him complete mobility and strength!!! Please provide abundant faith, favor, provison, protection, courage, strength, energy, endurance, comfort, rest...Shalom. AMEN

    Keep up the great work Zack and family!!! You are an inspriration to all. MAny prayers and lots of love.

    The Browns


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