Friday, October 29, 2010

Zack on the Computer!

Yes! That is Zack on the computer. Zack has figured out how to use his thumb's weight (even though it doesn't work) to push down on the keys of his key board and iPhone. He can text like crazy and he goes on facebook like most teenagers (and adults) these days. When Zack puts his mind to something he does it, that's who he is. His positive attitude and prayers are moving him forward.

I do want to clarify this injury is NOT at all easy to deal with. For a once Very active teenage boy to have to be so dependant on help is extremely difficult, especially at his age when you are stretching your independence anyway. There are days when I wish he could call his friends and run out the front door like he use to or walk home from school and then complain to me that I made him walk "all the way" home.

We have to feed him, shower him, dress him, and more but what continues to surprise me is the strength I see in Zack and the mind set that he IS going to get better. What will that look like? No one knows right now. So we just take it a day at a time, stay hopeful, positive and pray for the best outcome. We live life in the meantime and look for all the blessings that are right along-side of this tragedy.

For now Zack is picking up where he left off with some things like playing one of his favorite online video games with NO hands, fingers or wrists! So the saying "where there's a will there's a way" It's TRUE!

Those of you who still read this blog "Thank you!" Even though sometimes I feel like I'm typing for myself or it's just going into cyberspace somewhere, I hope that reading this will encourage you in your daily lives to NEVER give up.

Thanks for listening.

P.S I've added my personal e-mail address on main page under contact info.

Love, Amber


  1. Hi Amber,
    Believe me there are many of us who do read this BLOG & are very thankful for all the info, updates & the faith & dedication you & your family have for Zach. It is even more amazing how this young man is hanging on to his FAITH and I feel certain that Jesus has great things in store for Zach.
    Love & prayers

  2. Hey Zack and Amber,
    Just wanted to say that I love reading the blog! Zack, you are very inspiring! I love seeing the photos and reading about the healing that has taken place and the way you are determined to get better and better!
    I'm praying!

  3. amber, I LOVE the updates and it is so encouraging to hear that Zack is making strides at therapy and trying to get back to being a "normal" teenager. He's such a great kid and we love him dearly. We continue to prayer for his recovery and strength and I am always sending him positive energy during my yoga :) Love and hugs~the Alsop Crew...Darcy, Chris, Gavin and Piper

  4. Hi Amber,
    I started reading your blog after I read about Zack in the Register. Later on I found out that we have a mutual friend, that being Yvette LaValle. I check your blog daily for updates and pray for your boy and your family all the time. Your strength and optimism is amazing and I pray that God will lift you up through these difficult times. Please keep on writing! Your family is in my thoughts all the time.
    Tracey Anderson

  5. Hi Amber, The fact that you can keep up this blog with all that is on your plate is amazing! Your time is not wasted as I believe many people are still concerned for Zack and your family and it is great to see the progress he is making and how well the fund raisers have been going. I continue to pray for Zack and your family every day and maybe some day I will have the chance to meet you guys. Stay strong,and on the days you don't feel so strong,the Lord will hold you up.Love,Peggy Pentecost,Apache Junction,Az.

  6. Amber,

    The blog is on my desktop and all of you are in my daily prayers. I am sure there are still many, many peole reading and praying. There is abundant power in prayer and especially in numbers of prayers. We love you guys and are always here should you ever need anything.


    The Browns

  7. Hi Amber,

    We read your blog as well. Please don't hesitate to call, come over, call us over or have us take the littles for a playdate with Ace anytime or even send us a grocery list if you need a quick run to the store. You and your entire family are an encouragement to all of us. Talk to you soon.

    Angela, Tony & Kids

  8. Hi Amber,
    It was very nice meeting you the other day. Please keep writing the blog, people are listening.
    I read your blog often and I love seeing the photos.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.
    You, Zack and the rest of your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.


  9. I don't know Zack, and don't even live in southern california. I saw this page on anothers facebook, and following one link to another landed me here. I've spent the past hour reading through your blogs, starting from the very first one after the injury. I've shed some tears, of sadness and happiness, as I read through the ups and downs of Zack's journey. I am in awe of the strength and courage that this young man has shown. I get tears in my eyes when I see the huge smile that he wears today, and the strength I can see in his eyes. Zack your story has touched me and I will pray for your full recovery. Until that day, I hope that you continue to find the strength and courage needed to overcome this injury. And to your family, it is so beautiful to see how a family can come together during times like this. You are truely blessed to have each other. And I just want you to know that you have touched me dearly, and I will continue to pray for you. God Bless.


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