Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving in Las Vegas

I took Zack and Levi to Las Vegas over the Thanksgiving holiday. We have become friends with a mom and son (also 16) who are from Australia and have come over here for 4-months for physical therapy. The other boy (Harry) is also a C-4 like Zack he was injured dirt bike riding a little over 9-months ago. We spent our Thanksgiving this year in a smokey casino -- I ordered the turkey special of course but the boys had ribs, much different than our traditional cook all day, eat too much and clean up. I do love traditions/holidays and missed seeing the family (and having leftovers) but it was a very fun trip. We saw 4 different shows. Our favorite show ended up being the $5 deal we got last minute. It was 5 fun-filled packed days. We usually left our hotel room around 10am and didn't return until around 1am! Had a Great time being with my older boys. Enjoy the photos!
Love, Amber

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  1. Looks like fun... Great looking families:) It is very nice to see you standing up Zack. You are on your way bud! Keep pressing in. Merry CHRISTmas!


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