Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Friends

Hal Hargrave was the first new friend Zack met here. He was in Zack's exact room 3 years ago. Hal and his family have been so supportive and helpful. The Hargraves have a foundation called "Be Perfect" - check it out!

Desiree is Hal's good friend who happened to get injured herself and placed here for a few weeks. We got to know her and her family as well.

Zack and Brian have a connection, first being their accidents are crazy similar! Newport Beach, 42nd Street, even their actual story is so much alike. And apparently they have the same taste in music. Brian's mom contacted us via this blog and has also been a great source of support and encouragement. I know God put these families in my life at just the right time!


  1. LUKE 5:24
    Zack, We feel so fortunate to have met you and your family. We know great things lie ahead for you and share in your hope of recovery. If there is anything you ever need or have a question about, please don't hesitate to call. It is exciting to see God working in your life. I know some days seem long and the road ahead seems unsure but having been through this, I know the next few months your body will be changing like crazy. You gotta stay mentally stong and have the "want to". I know you have heard this a lot in the last month but so much of this is a mental game. Remember there is no such thing as "false" hope and I will personally slug any doctor who says such a thing. Hope is hope. Don't listen to anyone who tells you differently. You are an athlete and you know how to work your body. So work really hard, and pray even harder. All my best!
    Teri Goodwin
    HWPO hard work pays off!!!

  2. zack! im praying for you buddy! i cant wait to come visit again! maybe this weekend i hope so! i miss you so much and im praying for all of you <3

  3. Zack!
    Im so glad you made new friends!:)
    I'm going to visit you before camp.
    Haha, I have SO much to tell you.
    I love you, and I'm praying for you<3

  4. Hi Zack. We don't know eachother, I am the sister of Joanna Perez, your old neighbor in Orange. She told me about your accident when it happened. I can't offer any financial help at this time,but please know you have been in my prayers every day and my church has been praying for you too. You are a brave and strong young man,and very loved,I can tell by this website. Stay strong and know that many prayers are sent up to God every day for you. He is the ultimate healer and has special plans just for you! God bless, Peggy Pentecost in Apache Junction,Az.

  5. Hi Zack,

    We are continuing to cheer you on as you work hard to recover.... So glad to hear about the van for you and your family!! We just wanted to let you know that Amat's parents, Monte and Miyoko just made a donation to the NTAF today and wish you the very best! Keep up the hard work and we'll keep up the postive thoughts and prayers!! Amat and Mary Tajudin


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